San Francisco Bay Area — One guy eats at and revues San Francisco burrito shops. 502 to date

burrittoEater.jpg aims to be the Web’s most complete source of information on San Francisco taquerias – where they’re located, what they look like, if they’re open late, whether they serve breakfast, what the SF Department of Public Health says about them, which ones double as cell phone retailers, etc. etc. And while we realize that food may be one of the most objectively regarded things in life, we’re not shy about offering our opinion on any given burrito shop in town.


First official BaconCamp comes to San Francisco — Watch the video

Date: March 21, 2009
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Location: 500 3rd Street, Suite 510, San Francisco, CA

BaconCamp – The Internet Bacon Meme in 60 Seconds from Bac' on Vimeo.

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Linus licks the bacon ice cream. "Not bad," she says.

‘Current’ time-lapse video of San Francisco Bay



Hi-Def San Francisco is project of CloudView Photography. The camera is a 3 megapixel StartDot Technologies Netcam XL mounted in a weather proof enclosure high in the hills of Sausalito. Images are captured every 15 seconds cropped from the full resolution to 1920×1080 and uploaded in 480, 720 and 1080 resolution to the web server. Periodically the software (running on a FreeBSD server) creates a time lapse that collapses the prior 24 hours into 240 seconds of video. 

Link to site. Thanks JPP

The Incredimazing Ellips Ease


My friend Brady found this beauty while cleaning out his studio. It's simply amazing! The different typefaces are cool, it must have looked very mod in its day.


The 'Engineering Appliance Company' is alas, no longer in business. The San Francisco street address in now condos and a google search returned no results.


Got it?




Thanks Brady

Electric scooter zips along nicely for pennies per mile


From news article:

Bay Area zero-emission advocates got their first test ride Thursday on a zippy new all-electric motor scooter that can take two commuters on a silent freeway ride that will cost them just pennies in electrical power.

The plug-in hybrid automobile crowd, in the news these days because of advances in the technology of fuel-efficient hybrids, gathered at San Francisco's Presidio to see the latest wrinkle in emission-free transportation – an electric motor scooter called the Vectrix that can whiz along at 60 miles an hour.

At $11,000, the Vectrix may be a bit pricey, but it is a first of sorts and it will probably appeal to the same high-income people who have ordered the $100,000 all-electric Tesla sports car. "We want to get to the right consumer demographics," said Jeff Morrill, Vectrix's managing director for marketing. "It's for urban commuting, and it targets environmentalists, active (electric power) enthusiasts."

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After one year, the code atop of an Adobe® building is cracked


Adobe, very clever (as usual) and witty to boot. 

From the SJMercury news:

The code is cracked.

And for anyone who thought a simple message was being transmitted by the rotating disks atop the Adobe tower in downtown San Jose, boy, were you wrong.

The message of San Jose Semaphore is the entire text of the Thomas Pynchon book, "The Crying of Lot 49."

The solution was discovered by two Silicon Valley tech workers, Bob Mayo and Mark Snesrud, who received a commendation at San Jose City Hall today.


Maverick’s surf contest is on for Saturday 01-12-08


HALF MOON BAY – Many of the world's best and bravest surfers are heading toward Half Moon Bay as organizers of the legendary Maverick's Surf Contest have scheduled the big-wave event for Saturday.

Surfers were given the word this morning, said brothers and surf partners Tyler and Russell Smith of Santa Cruz.

Organizers have been waiting for high-quality conditions – huge waves coupled with clear weather on the San Mateo County coast – since the contest window opened Dec. 7. Last year, a dearth of surf scuttled the event.

The contest, with a $75,000 prize pool, will be held Saturday morning off Pillar Point, with 24 surfers paddling into waves in a series of heats that will determine the winner. This will be the sixth time the contest has been held since 1999.

The timing of the event on a weekend may draw record crowds, but organizers have provided other ways for people to watch the show.

The surf break is more than a half-mile from the beach, so spectators may be in better position in front of computer screens, watching a free live Webcast, or by seeing the event shown on the big screen at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Admission to that is $20. More details are available at the contest's Web site,

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Reverse Graffiti Project — The Broadway Tunnel, San Francisco


Real name, Paul Curtis, Moose is the grand-daddy of reverse graffiti. He’s been cleaning the streets of the UK and beyond for around ten years.

Using detergent and a wire brush, the tools of many a cleaner, he works with advertisers to create innovative clean messages and slogans that inevitably turn into works of art. One of his more recent works, the Reverse Graffiti Project, was on San Francisco’s Broadway tunnel in conjunction with Green Works, to promote a plant-based cleaner.


Burningman 2009 Live streaming video…

San Francisco Bay Area Event — Joe Strummer Tribute & Benefit — Sunday, 07 December, 2008

From The Squid List:

Every year since his untimely death, the San Francisco music community has come together to celebrate the life, music and spirit of Joe. All proceeds go to Strummerville (, the foundation in England set up in Joe's name that aims to create new opportunities for aspiring  musicians.

This year, Eric McFadden, The Armagideons (w/ members of The Black Furies), The Hooks, Dead Ringers, Ferocious Few and Rubberside Down are donating their time and effort for the love of Joe at The Bottom of the Hill on Sunday 12/7, Pearl Harbor Day.

We have an early start for the working folk: 6:30 doors, 1st band at 7. Six bands for $10 and prizes!-recession proof fun!

Sunday, 07 December, 2008
06:30 PM – 11:00 PM  $10

Bottom of the Hill

1233 17th St

San Francisco, CA 94107

San Francisco’s annual St Stupid’s Day Parade

cortesy of Laughing Squid


cortesy of Laughing Squid


cortesy of Laughing Squid


cortesy of Michael Bolger

Will the San Francisco Chronicle be the first newspaper to kill print in favor of its online


photo: in2jazz

From article:

Why the San Francisco Chronicle is a candidate to exit print

Play with me on this one: Which major American newspaper should be the first to throw up its hands and stop publishing a print product?

It’s a question worth asking. This could be the worst year for newspapers since the Great Depression. The double-digit revenue declines long forecast by doomsters have arrived. While nearly all the major papers still post profits, albeit smaller than before, a few prominent ones are losing boatloads. At Hearst Newspapers’ San Francisco Chronicle, according to a deposition given by James M. Asher, the company’s chief legal and business development officer, losses of $330 million piled up between mid-2000 and September, 2006, better—or should I say worse?—than $1 million a week. During negotiations with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s unions, the owning Block family disclosed that the paper lost $20 million in 2006. Late last year, The Boston Globe was headed for unprofitability as well, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Read more at BusinessWeek

San Francisco sock exchange


A laundromat in Bernal Heights sock exchange.

Found on Flickr via

Best Donuts in San Francisco — Dynamo Donuts

dynamoDonutsLink to Dynamo Donuts snazzy website.

Thanks Liz G.

Napa gets EU ‘Region Protection’

Napa vintners finally get name recognition, European Union agrees this week on special designation for region

In China, Spain, Chile, Tahiti and other parts of the world there are at least a dozen winemakers using the words Napa or Napa Valley in their brand names in what California vintners say is a deliberate attempt to deceive customers.

Link to article

Big red ball of yarn rolls down hills in SF

Disclaimer: I know the folks over at neverhidefilms

Found Graffiti #42 — Mooo!

Found on Octavia Street, San Francisco. I wonder if it’s the same person who did the Koi fish on Webster Street. Definitely not this guy.

Found Graffiti #12 — Obama!

On the corner of Laguna and Haight Streets.

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