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World’s Longest Onion Braid


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On Sep 9, 2007, at the World Horticultural Expo in Germany, a 10.73 meter long onion braid said to be the longest in the world is on display. It weighs 260kg and is made up of 1,024 onions.

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Monty Python fans — Monty Python Day (or The Knights of Nee Festival)

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Hundreds of fans from across the world are set to descend on Doune Castle this weekend for the third Monty Python Day.

The 14th Century keep was made famous as Castle Anthrax in the 1973 classic film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Tickets have been restricted to 500 for the event near Stirling, which sees fans taking to the castle's battlements to enact scenes from the famous film.

Aficionados will also have the chance to take part in the coconut conga or the Python Idle talent contest.

The first Monty Python Day was held at Doune Castle, six miles north-west of Stirling, in 2004 to mark the 30th anniversary of film.

Source (BBC)

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Image of a horse made from more than half a million toothpicks makes Guinness Book of Records


From article:

AN image of a horse created with more than half a million toothpicks in homage to Antoni Gaudi has earned Albanian artist Saimir Strati a second entry in the Guinness Records.

I've measured it; it is a new Guinness World Record," Andrea Banfi, an adjudicator for Guinness World Records, told a cheering crowd after checking that the mosaic followed the guidelines agreed with Guinness.

Strati spent 13 hours a day for 40 days on the mosaic measuring 2m by 4m in a technique resembling digital camera pixels, using either sharpened or blunt ends of oak, poplar and bamboo toothpicks.

He said the idea to produce the mosaic came to him while he tried to explain to a friend what La Sagrada Familia, the unfinished Barcelona cathedral of Spanish architect and artist Antoni Gaudi, looked like.

"I took some toothpicks from the table and opened them to show him how it looked like," said Strati. "I named the horse 'Reinless Spirit' to honour Gaudi's flight of genius."

The mosaic was shown to the public in the round hall of Tirana's pyramid-shaped culture centre.

Strati's portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, the world's largest mosaic of nails, is shown nearby.


Steve Jobs debuts “iPod touch” with WiFi

From MacNN

Apple boss Steve Jobs today introduced the widely rumored and highly anticipated touch-sensitive iPod, codenamed iPod touch. The iPod looks nearly identical to the iPhone in appearance, with a large screen and a customary 'home' button at the bottom. "It features our revolutionary multi-touch interface that you've come to know and love on the iPhone," said Jobs. "If you've used an iPhone you'll feel at home, it's exactly the same." The company also unveiled a new application specific to iPod touch and the iPhone, the iTunes WiFi music store. The new store allows users to preview and download songs via WiFi in the same fashion as the original iTunes software. Apple will offer the iPod touch in two configurations with 8GB and 16GB storage capacities for $300 and $400, respectively. Both models are slated for shipment "in just a few weeks" but before the end of the month.

The 3.5-inch widescreen display displays photos just like the iPhone, and supports Apple's "pinch-to-zoom" technique as well as the customary slide for unlocking the device.

The iPod touch features CoverFlow technology, and includes a WiFi meter in the top-left corner of the screen to monitor signal strength. The new iPod's wireless capability includes 802.11 b/g support, and utilizes the company's Safari Web browser to login to public wireless networks as well as surf the Web.

Apple's iPod touch supports YouTube in a fashion similar to the iPhone, and boasts a battery life of 22 hours for audio playback or five hours of video playback.

Legendary ‘Village Music’ going out of business


The store which was frequented by Ry Cooder, Elvis Costello, Dave Edmunds, BB King and John Hiatt, to name a few, is going out of business at the end of the month due to the decline of vinyl sales. 

Clip form article:

Goddard was celebrated last month at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley with an afternoon and evening of music that continued into the small hours across the street at the Sweetwater. Eating barbecue at folding tables in a bank parking lot that night were Bonnie Raitt, Sammy Hagar, Maria Muldaur and Narada Michael Walden, pretty much the four horsemen of Mill Valley music. New Orleans rock 'n' roll star Frankie Ford ("Sea Cruise") had to be kept out of sight for a day and a half in Mill Valley so he could surprise Goddard at the event.

Village Music's end will also be marked on Sunday at the Great American Music Hall – only a handful of tickets remain – where Goddard will be serenaded by a mix of performers that mirrors his fairly narrowly proscribed but passionate tastes in music: rockabilly by the Collins Kids, blues from Jimmy McCracklin and Sugar Pie DeSanto, soul music by Bettye LaVette and Swamp Dogg, among others.

If that isn't enough, world-renowned turntablist DJ Shadow will be spinning sides every day this month at Village Music, using only records from the store's bins. Goddard himself is thinking about closing down with a midnight Saturday-to-midnight-Sunday finale at the end of the month.

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Puppies and Flowers : Well mostly, 25 of The World’s Most Interesting Animals



Actual news headline : One arrested in snack attack; assault by Cheetos

Culprit caught orange handed!

found  photo: kamagurka

From Des Moines Register

The assault weapons listed on the Des Moines police report was a bag of Cheetos.

Patrick Hamman, 22, of 4904 S.W. 13th St., was arrested Sunday on a charge of domestic assault. Officers explained that the victim of the snack attack, Michael Hamman, lives with his adult son, Patrick and that they became involved in an argument Sunday night.

Patrick Hammon picked up a bag of Cheetos and threw it at his father, hitting him in the face, police said. It hit him in the glasses, causing a cut to the bridge of Michael Hamman's nose.

The police report said: "Michael's T-shirt was also covered in Cheeto dust."

Patrick admitted being high on methamphetamine, police said. He was taken to the Polk County Jail without further incident.

Clever marketing ploy for Bob Dylan’s ‘New Ultimate Collection’ release



Make your own Bob Dylan “Subterranean Homesick Blues” signs.

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CRANKbait! Lures of Distinction

What is this about?

It's about finding an answer to that age-old question, the one that we have all asked ourselves:

What would happen if you shipped 20 unassembled old-timey wooden fishing lure kits off to be finished by a bunch of artists? It turns out that the answer is CRANKbait! Lures of Distinction.



Shown here by Hugh Macdonald, see them all here.

Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing fame painted one too.

Virgin Home Loans Advertisements reveal octogenarian orgies in the bedroom



THERE is nothing virginal about a new advertising campaign for Virgin Home Loans showing wild sex romps between elderly lovers.

Titled Everlasting Love, Virgin's print, internet and TV ads reveal octogenarian orgies in the bedroom, shower and even a back garden.

The elderly couples are real and the images – one of Aleme and Osman Gjolej in the shower using only the "hand bra" to cover themselves – are confronting.

Always the masters of shock, the Virgin campaign was created to promote a new loan rewards program. The TV ad, split into PG and M-rated versions, shows Bill and Glenys Henderson ripping off their clothes before doing the dirty behind a well-placed gum tree.

Launched at the Hilton Hotel yesterday, another elderly couple loved it up in a bubble bath as Virgin Home Loans CEO David Wakeley extolled the virtues of life-long relationships, which mortgages often are.

The mortgage gives customers a 0.1 per cent cut in their rate after three years and a second 0.1 per cent cut after five years – cutting Virgin's standard variable loan from 7.59 per cent to 7.39 per cent, provided the RBA's cash rate remains stable.

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Cuban exile activist to auction what he says is lock of Che Guevara’s hair

found photo: Tariq's Fantasy World

From article:

A former CIA operative and Cuban exile plans to auction what he says is a lock of Che Guevara's hair, snipped before the Argentinian revolutionary was buried in 1967.

Gustavo Villoldo, 71, was involved in Guevara's capture in the jungles of Bolivia.

He plans to auction the hair and other items kept in a scrapbook since the joint CIA-Bolivian army mission 40 years ago.

The scrapbook also holds a map used to track down Guevara in Bolivia, photos of Guevara's body, intercepted messages between Guevara and his rebels and a set of Guevara's fingerprints taken before his burial.

The collection will be put on the block Oct. 25-25.

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Federal Reserve or “Satan’s banking system” to be replaced by ‘some’ guy in Florida

This is a very strange story of a Corporation in Florida with its own currency:

Not content with printing its own "private dollars," a Kissimmee company under federal investigation for issuing fraudulent checks announced it is now going to print actual U.S. dollars.

Angel Cruz, chairman of The United Cities Corp., said Friday that he has given notice to several federal agencies about his new plan.

He is also calling for the Department of Treasury's Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as well as the Federal Reserve System — which he has called "Satan's banking system"– "to prove or retract their false claims within 48 hours" about his company issuing "worthless" checks.

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Actual news headline : Woman at large with hubby’s severed penis

No sanuk here:

A THAI woman is at large with her husband's penis today after discovering the man's unfaithfulness.

Pornbun Sinthusin, 35, came home in Bangkok yesterday and found her 34-year-old husband Ploeng Plaekratoke in bed with another woman, said police Lieutenant Colonel Kornwat Hunpradit.

She later gave him several beers before cutting off his penis with "a sharp object,'' Lt-Col Kornwat said.

The husband was now in intensive care.

"We suspect she took both her weapon and her husband's penis because we cannot find the penis in their apartment. We even checked a toilet but she did not dump it there,'' Lt-Col Kornwat said.

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