Puppies and Flowers : The Dog Photo Booth by Sharon Montrose


Apparently, Photographer Sharon Montrose is smitten with dogs and photo booth strips.

Link to The Dog Photo Booth

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The Mother of All Lotteries : El Gordo = €2.3 Billion

From holavalencia:

El Gordo, the “big one”, is the most important prize in the Spanish Christmas Lottery — the largest lottery in the world. This year, there’s €2.3 billion in prizes (about 3 billion dollars). There’s a word for that: CRAZY.

Also: EXCITING. Roughly 18% of participants stand a chance at winning something, which ain’t bad odds. There are a limited amount of tickets; in 2006 there were 85,000 numbers. At €200, tickets are expensive, so they’re also sold in décimos at €20 apiece. If you hold a décimo of a winning number, you get 10%.

more  [via neatorama]

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The Art of the [Glenfiddich] Barrel

From Glenfiddich's site:

Following the success of the inaugural Glenfiddich Barrel Art exhibition in 2007, we have developed a new exhibition for 2008. This year’s programme involves a single artist who will produce a collection of works that encapsulate the theme of time. We’ve chosen esteemed designer Michael Johnson. Michael has been at the forefront of British design throughout a career spanning decades and work the theme of time has been prevalent in his work to date.



Link to Exhibition site with more photos.  [via]

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Kvetch via Twitter —


"A Kvetch is a funny complaint. This site randomly displays kvetches sent via Twitter."


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Extreme kayaking at Llyn Brianne reservoir

This looks like a total blast!

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Clown vs. Mime Smackdown on The Streets of San Francisco

Scott Beale over at Laughing Squid has a piece on the smackdown last friday night:

A smackdown between mimes and clowns took place Friday at Dirty Marina 16th and Valencia at 10pm. It was reported that a clown picked a fight with a mime in front of Kilowatt by smashing a pie in his face. Later the mimes and clowns duked it out in Albion Alley, ala West Side Story. The fight ended when two clowns ganged up on a mime, wiped off his face paint and ‘demimed’ him. The mime, stripped of his powers was carried off by his troupe, screaming in terror.

More videos after the link

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Application for Bailout Funds Now Available Online — Go Get Some!

From Mother Jones:

The Treasury Department is all about efficiency these days. The original bailout plan that Secretary Paulson proposed, which has been quietly dumped, was just three pages. I guess it's no surprise, then, that the application to get some sweet, sweet bailout bucks from the TARP Capital Purchase Program is just two pages. No joke, Taxpayers for Common Sense actually got a hold of the thing. If you're interested in landing a spare billion, give it a shot. It won't take you more than five minutes.

Wasn't one factor in the housing crisis the fact that lenders gave home loans to people without checking credit and obtaining documentation of assets, salary, and other signs of financial health? And yet you get piles of cash from the Treasury with less paperwork than what goes into car loans, student loans, and most credit cards?


Thanks Brady!

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More good news about mushrooms…

A Swiss researcher said Thursday he had hit on an unlikely way of recreating the unique sound of a Stradivarius violin — by treating the wood of a replica instrument with mushrooms. 

Francis Schwarze of the Zurich-based Federal Materials, Science and Technology Institute (EMPA), made a replica of a violin by the Italian master Antonio Stradivari from the year 1698, which was presented this week at the "Swiss Innovation Forum" in Basel.

Schwarze found that treating the maple wood used for the violin with "Xylaria longipes" mushrooms — which grow on the bark of trees — meant the sound quality was akin to an original Strad.

This mushroom lightly "nibbles" away at the wood's surface, thus reducing its density and improving the sound of the violin as a result.

"It has a very good sound and also carries well," violin maker Michael Rhonheimer said of the replica.

"I am convinced that the wood treatment at the EMPA has made an audible improvement."


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The Art of Kris Kuksi

From Artist's statement:

I get inspired by the industrial world, all the rigidity of machinery, the network of pipes, wires, refineries, etc. Then I join that with an opposite of flowing graceful, harmonious, and pleasing design of the Baroque and Rococo. And of course I add a bit weirdness and the macabre.

Propaganda Am-Bush Machine

Churchtank Type6.6F with Mine Rollers

Church Tank Type 5A

Venus Admiring Mars' Gun

Link to site

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From The Billboard Liberation Front…




Intersection of Mission St.
and Cesear Chavez, NE corner
San Francisco

Dear Shareholders and Clients,

The Billboard Liberation Front has partnered with Wachovia to release a daring advertising campaign that celebrates Wachovia’s new money management strategy. This campaign emphasizes the silver lining in the economic storm front now threatening to swamp our economy as well as our individual fiscal inner tubes.

“The calamitous decline in the value of all investments and the impending total collapse of the dollar will render the true value of the average savings account or investment portfolio roughly equal to a bucket of warm piss," noted Thomas J. Wurtz, CFO of Wachovia. Dr. John Silvia, Managing Director and Chief Economist noted: “After that golden shower we got from Golden West, we decided to fight fire with fire and start bailing for our clients and stockholders, mixed metaphors notwithstanding.”

This dramatic revaluation of your money has created the opportunity for our team at Wachovia to offer a unique service to our stockholders and clients. “With what promises to be the coldest winter in years now commencing, we’ve instructed our staff in all 21 States that we have offices in to start bundling greenbacks into tight rolls, perfect for small stoves and furnaces,” said Robert K. Steel CEO and President. “We believe this is the soundest application of our clients’ money.”



Want to know how to respond to a UFO crash? — See chapter 13 of the FEMA Firefighters Manual


Video after the link. From Gizmodo:

This video shows how FEMA no only deals with credible threats as hurricanes and terrorist attacks, but also with credible threats like alien attacks and UFO crashes: They have an entire chapter dedicated to this topic in their firefighters manual. Great. As if it wasn't enough with the UK government revealing airplane encounters with UFOs and Hubble discovering unidentified objects in Space to fuel my absolutely cuckoo, sculpt-giant-mountains-out-of-mash-potatoes, I-hope aliens-are-two-meter-tall-buxom-blue-amazons, I-want-to-ride-a-warp-capable-spaceship fantasies.


Secret Service Codenames

I like that Ted Kennedy is 'Sunburn'!

Secret Service codenames are a throwback to the period before electronic transmissions were encrypted. Although they serve no practical security function today, the US Army Signal Corps still assigns codenames (mostly out of tradition).

John Anderson Miracle, Starburst, Stardust  
Keke Anderson Scarlet  
Howard Baker Snapshot  
James Baker Fencing Master, Foxtail  
Neil Baldrigger Forward Look  
Chassiah Begin Milo Crystal  
Menachem Begin Cedar  
Terrell Bell Foxcraft  
Joseph Biden Celtic  
Jill Jacobs Biden Capri  
John R. Block Fan Jet  
Zbigniew Brzezinski Hawkeye  
Barbara Bush Snowbank, Tranquility  
Doro Bush Tiller  
George H.W. Bush Sheepskin, Snowstorm, Timberwolf  
George W. Bush Tumbler  
Jeb Bush Tripper  
Jenna Bush Twinkle  
Laura Bush Tempo  
Marvin Bush Tuner  
Neil Bush Trapline  
Amy Carter Dynamo  
Chip Carter Diamond  
Jack Carter Derby  
Jeff Carter Deckhand  
Jimmy Carter Dasher, Deacon, Lock Master  
Rosalynn Carter Dancer, Steel Magnolia, Lotus Petal  
Sarah Carter Duchess  
James Earl Carter IV Digger  
Jason Carter Dusty  
J.A. Chaney Cannonball  
Prince Charles Daily, Principal, Unicorn  
Dick Cheney Backseat, Angler  
Bill Clinton Eagle  
Chelsea Clinton Energy  
Hillary Clinton Evergreen  
Phil Crane Swordfish  
James Edward Firetruck  
John Ehrlichman Wisdom  
Mamie Eisenhower Springtime  
Queen Elizabeth II Kittyhawk, Redfern  
Betty Ford Pinafore  
Gerald Ford Passkey  
Susan Ford Peso  
Al Gore Sawhorse, Sundance  
Alexander Haig Claw Hammer  
H. R. Haldeman Welcome  
Gary Hart Redwood  
Jesse Jackson Pontiac, Thunder  
Pope John Paul II Halo  
Lady Bird Johnson Victoria  
Lyndon B. Johnson Volunteer  
Ethel Kennedy Sundance  
Jackie Kennedy Lace  
John F. Kennedy Lancer  
Rose Kennedy Coppertone  
Ted Kennedy Sunburn  
John Kerry Minuteman  
Henry Kissinger Woodcutter  
Cindy Hensley McCain Parasol  
John McCain Phoenix  
Eugene McCarthy Instructor  
Scott McClellan Matrix  
Eleanor Mondale Calico  
Joan Mondale Cameo  
Theodore Mondale Centurion  
Walter Mondale Cavalier, Dragon  
William Mondale Chessman  
Ron Nessen Clam Chowder td>  
Richard M. Nixon Searchlight  
Pat Nixon Starlight  
Barack Obama Renegade  
Michelle Obama Renaissance  
Sarah Palin Denali  
Todd Palin Driller  
Jan Pierce Forefinger  
Dan Quayle Scorecard, Supervisor  
Marilyn Quayle Sunshine  
Doria Reagan Radiant  
Maureen Reagan Rhyme, Rosebud  
Michael Reagan Riddler  
Nancy Reagan Rainbow  
Patti Davis Ribbon  
Ronald Reagan Rawhide  
Ron Reagan Reliant  
Bebe Rebozo Christopher  
Nelson Rockefeller Sandstorm  
Frank Sinatra Napoleon  
William French Smith Flivver  
Strom Thurmond Footprint  
Rose Mary Woods Strawberry  
Ron Ziegler Whale Boat



Friday Music — of Montreal – Id Engager

Never hear of this band before but enjoyed the animation.

Found at shape and colour

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Ralph Nader — YOU TIT!

Ralph Nader calls Obama an 'Uncle Tom'. Just found this and am still pissed off at Nader, watch at least the first 30 seconds.

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The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters — Gallery of anti-alcohol posters from soviet propaganda era




Link to collection

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