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Guitar playing child prodigy

The second half of this clip, where the kid rocks out is my favorite.

Link via Arbroath

Incredibox — Fun music generator

incrediboxLink to incredibox.

This is what happens when you record a planes propellers with a cell phone

What it’s really like to work in a music store — Hysterical!

From Dangerous Minds:

And there you have it. These videos are mini-masterpieces of comedy. Not only are you laughing at the “musicians” testing out instruments at the store, but when this guy makes his cameo appearance, the look on his face will have you in tears. He doesn’t have to say anything at all and it’s side-splitting. When you make eye-contact, you know what he’s thinking!

Check out the rest of the videos here.

Internet Radio Day of Silence to protest unworkable royalty rate structure


Thousands of Internet radio stations and channels across North America are preparing to go silent tomorrow (6/26) as part of an industry-wide "Day of Silence". The landmark event is designed to draw attention to impending royalty rates that threaten to virtually shut down Internet radio as a medium.

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Xeni at has more links on the subject

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