SYDNEY — Customs officals in Australia said Thursday that they had discovered a large amount of ecstasy inside a Mr. Potato Head children's toy mailed to Sydney from Ireland.

Customs said the toy was intercepted in a parcel at Sydney's international mail centre after an alert official suspected there may be something sinister behind Mr. Potato Head's toothy grin.

"Upon opening the parcel, Customs officers were greeted with the smiling face of Mr. Potato Head," Customs said in a statement.

"When a panel from Mr. Potato Head's back was removed, a quantity of MDMA (ecstasy) tablets was found in a small taped bag concealed in the cavity space."

The tablets weighed an estimated 293 grams (10.3 ounces).

"Whilst this is one of the more unusual concealments that we have seen in recent times, people need to be aware that Customs officers are alert to unusual and often outlandish methods of concealment," Customs postal director Karen Williams said.

Police said no arrests had been made but the network responsible had been disrupted. 

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