This site is dedicated to the memory of Deborah Gibbon Braun (Fine Artist and Art Historian).

I think about you every day Deb. Every day.

In the early 2000’s, Deb and my best friend Christo started dating. Pretty soon, they were living together and hosting amazing dinner parties in their Hayes Valley art studio. One evening, during an after-dinner game of Scrabble, someone recounted a particularly foul story which I reacted to by stuffing my ears with my fingers and yammering “puppies and flowers, puppies and flowers”. Deb lost her sh*t roaring laughing. From then on it became our inside joke/phrase to say after any ugliness.

Tragically, in 2006 Deb passed away from a brain aneurysm.

While this blog focuses mainly on commercial art and illustration, I think Deb would have approved of its content and just laughed at the title.