Table prototypes by Florent Degourc



May go well with Pieke Bergmans light bulbs.

Tonight only! Zombie strippers at the Admiral: The undead meet the unclothed


From The Chicago Tribune:

One rips off a bikini top. The other rips an arm off a hapless victim, beating the just-single-limbed person mercilessly before feasting on the bloody remains. Neither wants you touching them.

Exotic dancers and zombies, the two grand pillars of American subculture, have finally joined forces — thus proving our nation’s obsession with the walking dead has irrevocably crossed the line of mainstream consciousness, where now strippers are parodying a trend.

The site is Albany Park’s Admiral Theatre, a gentlemen’s club where chairs have leopard prints and a woman who works there is named Euphoria (likely not her Christian name).

Wednesday night, club organizers are throwing an event called “Night of the Stripping Dead,” where professional makeup artists will transform otherwise pious dancers into undead dancers.

The highlight, said club marketing manager Tim Brown, will be a performance by zombie burlesque dancer Miss Maya Sinstress. Brown first noticed Sinstress at a burlesque convention.

“She came out in a metal corset, metal bikini and proceeded to take it off with a chain saw,” Brown said. “It floored me.”

Brown, who came up with the idea, was also particularly excited about “zombie (little people)” running the concession stand that night, which he said is “gonna be nuts.”

Obama to OK benefits for same-sex partners of federal workers


President Obama will sign a memorandum Wednesday granting health care and other benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees, two senior administration officials said.

The signing will take place in the Oval Office and follows sharp criticism of the president over a Justice Department motion filed last week in support of the Defense of Marriage Act — which opposes same-sex marriage — that used the government’s interest in opposing incestuous marriages to support its position against same-sex marriage.

Gay and lesbian advocates have also faulted the Obama administration for not moving to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bars officials from asking about a service member’s sexual orientation but also bars the service member from revealing it.

The president rankled gay advocates before his inauguration when he named megachurch pastor the Rev. Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his swearing-in. Warren, in an interview with, likened homosexuality to bestiality and incest. He also supported California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in that state.

During the Warren controversy, Obama — who frequently spoke in favor of gay and lesbian rights during the campaign but has said he opposes same-sex marriage — declared himself “a fierce advocate for gay and lesbian Americans.”


The male film star portraiture of Lorenzo Agius











Link to Lorenzo Agius’ website

Norman Rockwell’s Photographic References






Link to NPR Article. Link t o NPR’s Photo Gallery.

The Duddha Rug — really ties the room together

You can purchase one here for $300.

The commercial photography of Jeffrey Vanhoutte


Link to Jeffrey Vanhouttes’ site.





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Letterheady — A blog of interesting letterheads

Link to letterheady

Google makes collection of Life Magazines from 1936 to 1972 available online.



LifeMag3This is really amazing, link to Life Magazine at Google Books.


Weird Al’s homage to The Doors — “Craigslist”

featuring Ray Manzarek himself on keyboards.

Chloe Ruchon: ‘Barbie foot’ at DMY Berlin Design Festival 09

images © designboom

From Design Boom:

‘barbiefoot’ by french design chloe ruchon combines the iconic doll with table football.
on one side it uses barbie’s pink, frilly world and on the other its uses the predominantly
male world of table soccer, the one that is traditionally called ‘babyfoot’ in france.
barbie became a symbol of ideal femininity, with exacerbated body proportions
and a vast landscape of fantasies surrounding this cliche.

by bringing the two worlds together ‘barbiefoot’ wishes to stimulate thoughts
about different mentalities and the pre- digested everyday ideas we commonly face.

the product was created in partnership with mattel brands consumer products
and babyfoot bonzini.

‘barbiefoot’ was part of the DMY youngsters exhibition at DMY berlin design festival 09.



Link to Design Boom

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