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May 21, 2007

Mary Poppins eat you heart out

From the article:

An 18-year girl's life-and-death experience had a happy ending because of an umbrella she was holding when she was blown off the roof of a six-story building in a storm. The umbrella allowed her to land relatively softly on the ground and saved her life. Zhang Haijing, a school student from Jingning County in neighboring Zhejiang Province, was caught in the rain on her way home in the evening of May 15. She intended to wash her soaked clothes in a laundry located at the top of her six-story building, Today Morning Express reported today.
Link to article

May 29, 2007

Mao Zedong female impersonator


BEIJING (Reuters) - Chen Yan waves at a crowd of onlookers bemused at seeing China's late helmsman, Mao Zedong, brought back to life by a middle-aged woman.

Chen, 51, from Mianyang, in China's southwestern province of Sichuan, has been dressing up as Mao since she was discovered on a local TV show in 2005 impersonating another actor who had played Mao in movies.

Link to Reuters with more photos

May 30, 2007

Waterspout off Singapore's east coast


SINGAPORE: A waterspout has been spotted from the eastern parts of Singapore. Most callers to the MediaCorp News Hotline reported seeing what looked like a tornado or a twister over the sea. Most said they saw the phenomenon at about 2.30pm and that the phenomenon lasted about 15 minutes. Witnesses said it was moving in a circular motion.
Link to article with lots of submitted photos

Poupées gonflées! (NSFW)


Link to article in French. Thanks Christo

June 5, 2007

Wait a minute, isn't that Sapporo minus the beer?


to i-am-bored

June 11, 2007

Bad dog. Sniff the drugs not the female passengers

Two "ace" sniffer dogs who have performed sterling service combating drug trafficking in Thailand's Chiang Rai airport have been given their marching orders for urinating on luggage and "sexually harassing" female passengers, the Bangkok Post reports. Mok and Lai had apparently been "plucked from obscurity" as part of a cunning King Bhumibol Adulyadej plan to use strays as police dogs. They were deployed at said airport close to the border with Laos and Myanmar, but quickly attracted numerous complaints from the public due to their uninhibited behaviour. Mok's former handler, Police Lieutenant Colonel Jakapop Kamhon, explained: "Both were just as good as foreign dogs trained for use in drug missions. But they were stray dogs, so their manners were worse than those of foreign breeds. "He [Mok] liked to pee on luggage while searching for drugs inside. He also liked to hold on to women's legs." Mok and Lai have been reassigned to farm duties, including "herding chickens and pigs", the Bangkok Post confirms. ®
Link to The Register

June 15, 2007

(Advertising) New Luxury Car Reserves Parking Spots

Clever bit of outdoor advertising, not only are you reaching your market (drivers) but by taking up valuable parking spaces, make an impression on them.

Parking spaces in the Grand Gateway in Shanghai were blocked out in December and January. Pedestals and notices told motorists the spots were reserved with the message: "This parking lot is left for our Roewe owners only."

Link to Adage article

June 18, 2007

Michael Wolf's 100 x 100 photography show upcoming in San Francisco


Shek Kip Mei Estate, Hong Kong's oldest public housing estate, is composed of 100 rooms, each closet-like in size at only 100 square feet and built in response to a devastating fire in the 1950s that left thousands homeless. In a new series of photographs called "100 x 100," Michael Wolf captures the residents of this housing complex who are almost enveloped by the diminishing space around them, their belongings stacked to the ceiling.

to article and slides

June 25, 2007

20 Chinese Fake Brands and Copycats

or how about a PolyStation?
polystation.jpg Link to

Tragedy for hot dog athlete…


"I feel ashamed that I couldn't notice the alarm bells set off by my own body," he said. "But with the goal to win another title with a new record, I couldn't stop my training so close to the competition. "I was continuing my training and bearing with the pain but finally I destroyed my jaw." But he said he still wanted to go to the competition in New York. "I want to be the pride of my mother," he said in the blog entry posted Sunday.
Link to the Daily Telegraph

June 26, 2007

Puppies and Flowers : Strange ribbons of clouds over Hokkaido


This photograph, taken June 18 from a Japan Coast Guard aircraft off the northeastern coast of Hokkaido, shows a bird’s-eye view of cloud streets over the Sea of Okhotsk. According to the Sapporo Meteorological Observatory, these low-altitude stratocumulus clouds were rolled into long, distinctive ribbons after becoming trapped in air currents. While it is not uncommon for wind to form such patterns in stratocumulus clouds, photos that clearly show the clouds rolled into strips are rare, says the observatory.

Link to Mainichi via Pink Tentacle

July 3, 2007

"Living goddess" forced to give up her title after US visit


A 10-year-old Nepali girl worshipped as a living goddess, or Kumari, has lost her "divine" status for defying tradition and visiting the United States.
Link to Yahoo article

Not to be confused with the Munger article

July 5, 2007

Russian subway art collections






Collection [1] [2]

July 6, 2007

Koen Demuynck — Excellent illustrations



First image may not be safe for work. 

Link to Koen Demuynck's work

Yen and Euros fall from sky. Can Dollars be far behind?

10,000 yen notes rain down into Tokyo

About 30 or 40 10,000 yen notes were spotted floating down from an area near a bridge over the Sumida River in Tokyo on Friday, police said, adding that several residents apparently walked off with the cash.

Police arrived and recovered four 10,000 yen notes, one 5,000 yen note and one 1,000 yen note after receiving a call from a resident at about 11 a.m. saying that about 30 or 40 10,000 yen notes had fallen down from an area near the Kototoi Bridge over the Sumida River in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

"A few people picked up the notes and left the area," the woman who alerted police was quoted as saying.

Investigators suspect the notes fell from a vehicle traveling along route No. 6 on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. As of 1 p.m. on Friday the owner of the cash had not turned up.

People who picked up the money could face charges of misappropriation if they didn't take the cash to police, law enforcers said. (Mainichi)


Money falls from sky

BERLIN - A German motorist surprised by euro notes swirling in the air around her car hit the brakes and collected a "substantial amount of money" before turning it over to police, authorities in Worms said on Thursday.

A police spokesman in the small western town said the 24-year-old woman saw the money flying through the air in her rear view mirror late on Wednesday. She pulled over and tried to collect all the notes, unsuccessfully.

When police went with her to the scene they could not find any more cash.

A spokesman at Worms city hall said police were withholding details on the exact sum and location of the find in the hope of learning more about the money's origin. (Reuters)


July 9, 2007

Chocolate shoes…


Link to Chinese website 

Photo of Thai sign 'DO NOT TAKE PHOTO'


Found at LearningThai

July 10, 2007

Pictures of giant kite flying in Japan



Images found here

Link to list of giant kite flying festivals in Japan with great picture sets 

July 11, 2007

Japan looking to farm seaweed for biofuel…


photo: Xosé Castro

A THIRD OF Japanese cars could run on biofuel made from cultivating seaweed on a number of 10,000 square metre plots of ocean, according to boffins quoted on

The idea, according to the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Tech, is to grow sargassum fulvellum in the Yamatotai shoal which is 30,000 kilometres wide.

That, reckon the boffins there, is capable of generating 20 kilolitres of bio-ethanol for each 10,000 square metres of cultivated seaweed on nets.

Even if the seaweed idea doesn't work, other boffins reckon they could use high yield rice, unsuitable for human consumption, as a source for bio-fuel.

July 17, 2007

Photography collection — Tokyo Bizarreness


Cool photoraphic sets at Satan's Laundromat:

Red Hook
chicken, egg
sf fog
sf sun
Macy's Parade
Tokyo street art 2
Tokyo street art 1
Tsukiji fish market
Tokyo bizarreness 2
Tokyo bizarreness 1

July 18, 2007

Where's that tiger? Amazing video clip


Wild tiger attacks man on elephant in Kazirang.

Link to YouTube  Thanks Arbroath

Mushroom massacre — a different perspective


From The Daily Telegraph: 

A FEUD between two Chinese towns over access to valuable wild fungus has erupted into a gun battle that left eight people dead and 44 wounded, Xinhua news agency has said.

The violence occurred in the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of mountainous Sichuan province on Friday.

"A county government official said around 200 residents from Danba and Sumdo townships clashed in a dispute over access to wild fungus and firewood," Xinhua news agency said.

Some of those involved drew rifles and the gun battle lasted around 10 minutes, the official said.

China is grappling with growing social unrest, fuelled by disputes over land rights, corruption and a growing gap between rich and poor.

The official said that in April, residents from Sumdo were expelled by Danba township when they were caught collecting fungi in Danba.

In May, two people from Danba were assaulted near Sumdo.

"County officials had tried dozens of times since then to mediate, but their suggestions were rejected by residents of both townships," the official said.

The fungus is what Tibetans call "summer-grass winter-worm".

It forms when a parasitic fungus hijacks and devours the bodies of ghost moth larvae that have burrowed into the alpine soil for up to five years.

It then steers their bodies to the surface so it can spread its spores.

The mummified moths are a traditional Tibetan cure-all that promoters say helps fight AIDS, cancer and ageing.

As Tibetan medical ingredients have won adherents in China and abroad, the fungus and other alpine fungi and plants have become lucrative commodities, luring almost entire villages on harvests from May to July.

Link to article

Previously on P&F this is a mushroom

July 19, 2007

Nepalese 'goddess' is reinstated


Update to previous post:

A 10-year-old girl who is worshipped as a living goddess in Nepal has had her title reinstated after defying tradition and visiting the US.

Temple authorities at her home town say that she will not be stripped of her title because she is willing shortly to undergo a "cleansing" ceremony.

Sajani Shakya was one of the three most-revered Kumaris, who are honoured by Hindus and Buddhists alike.

She was chosen after undergoing tests at the age of two.

Since then she has been expected to bless devotees and attend festivals until she reaches puberty.

But she provoked the ire of temple elders by travelling to the US.

Sajani returned from her visit to America on Wednesday. Correspondents say that she was "seemingly unaware" of the controversy.

Link BBC article with more pictures 

Rice paddy art — nice collection of photos and links


From roundup:

Each year, farmers in the town of Inakadate in Aomori prefecture create works of crop art by growing a little purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice along with their local green-leafed tsugaru-roman variety.

It will be visible until the rice is harvested in September.

Link to Pink Tentacle 

July 20, 2007

Cruel and unusual punishment? "Thriller" as performed by inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center


Link to YouTube 

July 25, 2007

Do not dangle any doll


and while you're at it, "DO NOT TAKE PHOTO"

August 6, 2007

Thai police officers who break rules will be forced to wear hot pink armbands featuring "Hello Kitty"…

I find it hysterical that because "Simple warnings no longer work" they have to mete out such a harsh deterrant!


From SFGate:

Thai police officers who break rules will be forced to wear hot pink armbands featuring "Hello Kitty," the Japanese icon of cute, as a mark of shame, a senior officer said Monday.

Police officers caught littering, parking in a prohibited area, or arriving late — among other misdemeanors — will be forced to stay in the division office and wear the armband all day, said Police Col. Pongpat Chayaphan. The officers won't wear the armband in public.

The striking armband features Hello Kitty sitting atop two hearts.

"Simple warnings no longer work. This new twist is expected to make them feel guilt and shame and prevent them from repeating the offense, no matter how minor," said Pongpat, acting chief of the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok.

"(Hello) Kitty is a cute icon for young girls. It's not something macho police officers want covering their biceps," Pongpat said.

He said police caught breaking the law will be subject the same fines and penalties as any other members of the public.

"We want to make sure that we do not condone small offenses," Pongpat said, adding that the CSD believed that getting tough on petty misdemeanors would lead to fewer cases of more serious offenses including abuse of power and mistreatment of the public by police officers.

Hello Kitty, invented by Sanrio Co. in 1974, has been popular for years with children and young women. The celebrity cat adorns everything from diamond-studded jewelry, Fender guitars and digital cameras to lunch boxes, T-shirts and stationery.


F cup cookies — no surgery required for augmentation


F Cup Cookies make breast implants obsolete. Making your breasts bigger is now as simple as eating 2 cookies a day. They come in packs of 4 for ¥290, each cookie containing 50mg of that miracle breast enlarging herb Pueraria Mirifica. How many cookies you'll have to eat to get size F Cup is unknown.

Link via neatorama 

August 8, 2007

Home sweet cement pipe


A Chinese man has built a house out of two cement pipes.

Xin Yucai, 50, of Shenyang city, even turned down the chance to move into his daughter's apartment he enjoyed living in his unusual home so much.

"My father likes to do things differently," she explained.

"He bought two cement pipes from a construction company and turned them into a real house, with windows, door, and even a chimney."

The daughter says her apartment has enough space for her father but Xin still insisted on making a house of his own.

"We moved once, and he took the pipe house with him."

The house has become a city attraction.

"From time to time, people will come to have a look and take pictures with the pipe house," a neighbour told Huashang Morning News.

From Ananova 


August 9, 2007

China frees 3 Canadian activists after Tibet protest

Very little coverage of this story in the US Media.

Link to YouTube clip of a story CTV ran on the banner unfurling

From CBC article

Three Canadians arrested by Chinese police following a protest at the Great Wall against China's presence in Tibet have been released.

The British Columbian activists — Lhadon Tethong, Sam Price and Melanie Raoul — left China after their release on Wednesday and flew into Hong Kong.

Lhadon Tethong, the driving force behind this protest, has generated a lot of online buzz through the smart use of internet technologies, blogging, live video etc. 

See also:

Technology for Tibet Trumps Tyranny!

Tech-savvy pro-Tibet protesters get message across

From London to Lhasa Students for a Free Tibet UK blog their stories, thoughts, and actions.

August 16, 2007

Where's At at? — Chinese couple tried to name baby "@"


From article: 

A Chinese couple tried to name their baby "@", claiming the character used in e-mail addresses echoed their love for the child, an official trying to whip the national language into line said on Thursday.

The unusual name stands out especially in Chinese, which has no alphabet and instead uses tens of thousands of multi-stroke characters to represent words.

"The whole world uses it to write e-mail, and translated into Chinese it means 'love him'," the father explained, according to the deputy chief of the State Language Commission Li Yuming.   read more

Then there is the couple that tried to name their kid 4real

Pat and Sheena Wheaton were told by the government registry in New Zealand they could not register the name because it included a digit.

Other wacky baby names:

1. Kal-el Coppola (Son of actor Nicolas Cage)

2. Audio Science (Son of actress Shannyn Sossaman)

3. Bluebell Madonna (Daughter of Singer Geri Halliwell)

4. Daisy Boo (Daughter of chef Jamie Oliver)

5. Pilot Inspektor (Son of actress Beth Riesgraf and actor Jason Lee)

6. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (Daughter of television presenter Paula Yates and Singer Michael Hutchence)

7. Dixie Dot (Daughter of television presenter Anna Ryder Richardson)

8. God'Iss Love Stone (Daughter of Singer Lil'Mo)

9. Jermajesty (Son of Singer Jermaine Jackson)

10. Apple (Daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin)

August 21, 2007

Ouch! arcade arm wrestling game recalled after breaking several arms


TOKYO - Lose a game of chess to a computer, and you could bruise your ego. Lose an arm-wrestling match to a Japanese arcade machine, and you could break your arm.

Distributor Atlus Co. said Tuesday it will remove all 150 "Arm Spirit" arm wrestling machines from Japanese arcades after three players broke their arms grappling with the machine's mechanized appendage.

"The machine isn't that strong, much less so than a muscular man. Even women should be able to beat it," said Atlus spokeswoman Ayano Sakiyama, calling the recall "a precaution."

"We think that maybe some players get overexcited and twist their arms in an unnatural way," she said. The company was investigating the incidents and checking the machines for any signs of malfunction.

Players of "Arm Spirit" advance through 10 levels, battling a French maid, drunken martial arts master and a Chihuahua before reaching the final showdown with a professional wrestler.

The arcade machine is not distributed overseas.


August 31, 2007

China's Burning Man : Midi Music Festival 2007


From Ich Bin Ein Beijinger's blog

The Midi Music Festival has become a real cultural phenomenon, drawing young people from all over the country and giving me increasing hope that the still-marginal rock culture has reached critical mass and momentum. This year, I hear there were 80,000 people on the first day, and the line for tickets was nearly a kilometer long, wrapping from the east gate of Haidian Park all the way around the north side. Organizers did a terrific job of crowd control and security, but I still worry whether the auhorities will squash the thing next year--especially if there's as much dope-themed stuff for sale as I saw this year.


Interesting Flickr set here 

September 1, 2007

Actual news headline : Woman at large with hubby's severed penis

No sanuk here:

A THAI woman is at large with her husband's penis today after discovering the man's unfaithfulness.

Pornbun Sinthusin, 35, came home in Bangkok yesterday and found her 34-year-old husband Ploeng Plaekratoke in bed with another woman, said police Lieutenant Colonel Kornwat Hunpradit.

She later gave him several beers before cutting off his penis with "a sharp object,'' Lt-Col Kornwat said.

The husband was now in intensive care.

"We suspect she took both her weapon and her husband's penis because we cannot find the penis in their apartment. We even checked a toilet but she did not dump it there,'' Lt-Col Kornwat said.

Found here 

September 9, 2007

Puppies and Flowers : Rescued dog given artificial leg by Chinese vets



Badly injured stray dog Benben is being put back on his feet by doctors at A-Beil Pet Clinic in Nanjing, China, who have built him an artificial leg.

Benben is now undergoing training sessions to get use to walking with his new limb.

Article with more pictures 

September 11, 2007

Model Trains Fetish Japanese DVD


di Frankie says:

Last sunday while hunting for some cool figures in Akiba I discovered a fetish shop devoted to almost any kind of fetish (I should go there again in next few days so I hope to take some photos). One among the most interesting DVDs is Crush by Venus produced by Gagon: a DVD series dedicated to model trains crush fetishists. Seems that the "crush fetish" started in USA. Women would crush insects or worms with their feet, or high heeled shoes, but Japanese switched to otaku products like Model Trains or Die Cast cars...


September 18, 2007

Kids just have it too easy these days… Part II



A bridge is to be built in a Chinese village where children are forced to cross a raging torrent on a steel cable to get to school. Nearly 500 children, from Maji village in Fugong town, Yunnan province, cross the most dangerous stretch of the Nujiang River each day.

They fasten themselves to the cable with a metal carabiner and a rope and slide across the 200 metre wide canyon.

The youngest student, A Qia, 4, has to go over by herself each day.

The villagers say that usually four-year-old children are taken by their parents, and begin to go by themselves from the age of five.

A Pu, five, who was stuck in the middle of the cable for nearly 20 minutes once, said: “I used to dream of having a bridge, but then I learned that my dream was too expensive.”

But officials finally agreed to spend £35,000 on a bridge after a TV programme was made about the children’s dangerous daily journey.


September 24, 2007

Forbidden Words: What Employees Can and Cannot Say to Customers


Found here 

September 26, 2007

Myanmar anti-junta protests biggest in 20 years


YANGON - Tens of thousands of people joined Buddhist monks on marches in Myanmar's former capital on Monday in the biggest demonstration against the ruling generals since they crushed student-led protests nearly 20 years ago.

"I'm very excited and frankly I'm worried too," a teacher said as she watched the massed opposition in Yangon to 45 years of army rule that has impoverished the Southeast Asian nation of 53 million people.

Continue reading with 19 pictures


Burmese military threatens monks
Burma's ruling military junta has warned it is ready to "take action" against Buddhist monks leading mounting protests, state media have reported.  

Read more at the BBC


Burmese protesters defy warning
Buddhist monks march down a street in protest in Rangoon, 25 September 2007
Monks have called for political prisoners to be freed

Some chanted "we want dialogue". Others simply shouted "democracy, democracy".

Earlier, lorries with loudspeakers warned residents that the protests could be "dispersed by military force". 

Read more at the BBC


Riot police 'beat' Burmese monks

Read more at the BBC

October 3, 2007

adidas 'live soccer' billboard in Tokyo

Link to YouTube 

The company I work for did this but in February 2007, TBWA\Chiat\Day San Francisco became Cutwater

October 23, 2007

Beer in a bag?


China. Tsingtao in a bag.

Thanks Mike L 

December 20, 2007

Ogilvy and Mather's award winning Durex campaign


April 28, 2008

Guess where those Tibetan Freedom flags are made…


Oh the humanity! From the BBC

Police in southern China have discovered a factory manufacturing Free Tibet flags, media reports say.

The factory in Guangdong had been completing overseas orders for the flag of the Tibetan government-in-exile.

Workers said they thought they were just making colourful flags and did not realise their meaning.

But then some of them saw TV images of protesters holding the emblem and they alerted the authorities, according to Hong Kong's Ming Pao newspaper.

May 2, 2008

Amazing pictures of Li Wei whose work is a mixture of performance art and photography


Chinese artist Li Wei has produced an unsettling series of self-portraits involving his face reflected in mirrors in public places, and photographs of himself crashing into walls and sidewalks.

More pictures and article

May 3, 2008

Gallery show for North Korea's propaganda


Link to gallery, scroll down to 'Multimedia' link.

The slogans are are even better than the art:

“Let's take revenge a thousand times on the US imperialist wolves!”

“Our missile programme is a guarantee for world peace and security.”

'Let's all become perfect swimmers" — this one had me scratching my head a little bit.


May 22, 2008

The attack of the Coca-Cola robots

Coca-Cola has oversized robot vending machines lumbering around Tokyo pinching the heads of people who prefer a different brand. These robots have been made to the likeness of the 11inch tall desktop toys which feauture the regular as well as the black Coke Zero available in Japan. The toys feature bendy arms and have a little coin slot for saving up your yen and buying more coke.


Via livegrids 

May 23, 2008

Chen Zhun's Photo Comic Novel. (Mildly NSFW)



Link to set

June 18, 2008

Virtual Dog-Walking Arcade Game — NOT OK.


"This is me playing the dog walking game. This is arguably the most challenging arcade game I have ever played. Much more so than Beatmania or DDR (j/k, I so don't play DDR) or Street Fighter II. Basically you have to walk on a treadmill while holding this white dog's leash. Walk too fast, and he'll get tired. Walk too slow, and he'll get bored. And when obstacles like the neighborhood bully dog or a oncoming car shows up on the screen, you better steer clear! If you mess up, your dog dies.

I think my dog died in the first few minutes of me playing. In real life, however, I have a healthy 4 year old dog that I have no problem walking. So while this was fun (well, stressful) to play, I wouldn't say it's very realistic."

If you really have to. Via

June 24, 2008

Japanese invent car that runs on water

This sounds too good to be true, but Reuters is reporting:

Tired of petrol prices rising daily at the pump? A Japanese company has invented an electric-powered, and environmentally friendly, car that it says runs solely on water.

Genepax unveiled the car in the western city of Osaka on Thursday, saying that a liter (2.1 pints) of any kind of water -- rain, river or sea -- was all you needed to get the engine going for about an hour at a speed of 80 km (50 miles).

"The car will continue to run as long as you have a bottle of water to top up from time to time," Genepax CEO Kiyoshi Hirasawa told local broadcaster TV Tokyo.

"It does not require you to build up an infrastructure to recharge your batteries, which is usually the case for most electric cars," he added.

Once the water is poured into the tank at the back of the car, the a generator breaks it down and uses it to create electrical power, TV Tokyo said.

Whether the car makes it into showrooms remains to be seen. Genepax said it had just applied for a patent and is hoping to collaborate with Japanese auto manufacturers in the future.

Most big automakers, meanwhile, are working on fuel-cell cars that run on hydrogen and emit -- not consume -- water.

Link to article.

August 18, 2008

Actual Chinese Hospital Sign


Thanks Noah

See also: 

Bizarre collection of bathroom signs

More funny bathroom signs

10 Most Unfortunate Store Names

October 9, 2008

Randomly found Flickr set — Harajuku Girls



Link to Set 

October 16, 2008

U.S. Celebrities as seen in Japanese Commercials — 21 Clips

Hilarious collection!
Dennis Hopper Tsumura Commercial


Found at The Popcorn Trick via Neatorama

October 21, 2008

Recent scenes from North Korea — Excellent collection of photographs

Links lead to article with much larger images.


Celebrating 60 years of existence this year, North Korea holds out as the last Stalinist state in the world. In such a restrictive society, it is difficult - if not impossible - for residents to get news of the outside world, and for the outside world to see in. What photography comes out of North Korea is either state-produced, state-approved, or at the very least state-managed (visitors are restricted in their movement). Still, if you look over the following images with those restrictions in mind, one can still get some idea of life in North Korea in 2008. These photos were all taken within the past six months - some taken from the borders, peering in, others provided by North Korea itself, and several generously shared by freelance photographer Eric Lafforgue, who recently spent some time inside the country. (32 photos total)


Found at 

November 6, 2008 — unusual collection of photographs

From Bernd:

I gotta warn you! Before you click through my large collection of photos, you should not forget, what you hear and read daily in of your home countrys's media about China's boom.

They talk about "The Sleeping Giant". About "The Birth of the New Super Power" or "The Awakening of the Red Dragon". Often with a strange kind of undertone, which is supposed to frighten us. The reality definitely looks more peaceful.



For years I've been fascinated by the country and the people. Whenever I linger through the boom town Shanghai, I carry my snap shot camera with me. Because at every corner you can discover people that either are napping in the strangest positions and situations, or are even snoring, while in a deep sleep. The missing mattresses and pillows are noteworthy! 


Link to photos

December 5, 2008

The photography of 'Chenman'.

Chenman is a Beijing born photographer. She does all her own post work including 3D renderings. These samples are for Beijing Skateboard.




February 11, 2009

A Collection of Newspaper Masthead Clip Art

I love Flickr. While looking for some reference material I came across this excellent collection. The prints look like lino-cuts or wood blocks.


From Oldtasty's Flickrset

This is an outstanding collection of Cultural-Revolution era imagery and propaganda, made available with thanks to Webster University (for use of their scanning station) and Flickr. Translations will be added over time.




Link to Flickrset

February 12, 2009

Sapporo Snow Festival 2009









April 2, 2009

Holi - the Festival of Colors



…Wednesday (March 11th), people in India and other countries with large Hindu populations celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is celebrated as a welcoming of Spring, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. What that translates to in action is an enthusiastic dropping of inhibitions, as people chase each other and playfully splash colorful paint, powder and water on each other.









27 total pictures

April 28, 2009

New Academy of Art in Hangzhou by Wang Shu


Click images for larger.












Source with more images.

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