Pizza and porn delivery:

Winnipeg pizza place serves up side of porn

It's only about a week old, but a new pizza place in Winnipeg has already aroused attention — not for its pizza pie, but for the racy extra that comes with it.

Patrons must be 18 years and older to order from Porno Pizza, which delivers pornographic material inserted under every pizza.

The venture, the brainchild of local entrepreneur Corey Wildeman, is raising eyebrows in the Manitoba capital.

"We cater to certain crowds," Wildeman told CBC News, adding that he realizes not everyone would be sold on the idea.

"I'm pleased to see that it might not be everybody, but it's most people," he said with a laugh.   more

Pizza and lapdance:

Lap Dances Offered In Back Of Pizza Restaurant

NEW YORK CITY – In a city that seems to have everything, it's amazing you might still be surprised to find in New York City. Take, for example, what was recently uncovered by a WCBS-TV investigation in the back of a Big Apple pizzeria.

Let's just say it's hotter than the pizza served up front.

On the outside, Cordatos might look like an ordinary pizzeria, but inside customers are offered something way too hot and spicy to be found on the menu.

Lap dances. Yes, you read that correctly.   more

Pizza as aphrodisiac:

Man's Dream Come True

Yes, pizza, a food that is right up there with cupid’s arrow as a symbolic image to convey love, romance and Valentine’s Day. Remember Dean Martin singing, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.”

That’s not all. Historically, many of our favourite pizza toppings are known to contain sexual-stimulant properties. Researchers have noted the smell, taste, and even appearance of certain foods, such as pizza, can act as aphrodisiacs.  more