Anger management student assaults bus passengers with his anger management materials, on his way to anger management class
Anger management student

A St. Paul man on his way to anger management class demonstrated just how badly he needed to attend the class.

Justin Boudin is charged with fifth degree assault for using his anger management class papers to hit a man.

It was just before rush hour on August 29, that police say the 27-year-old Boudin was at a St. Paul bus stop when he began arguing with waiting passengers.

He was particularly upset with a 59-year-old woman and yelled at her, saying, “Why don’t you show me some respect?”

When she took out her cell phone, Boudin hit the woman, causing her to fall and strike her head on a nearby brick building.

A witness tried to help her and Boudin hit that man too, with his anger management folder.

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