Annie Leibovitz shoots Disney characters

Annie Leibovitz shoots Disney characters

Annie Leibovitz shoots Disney characters

From Bored Panda:

World-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has published the latest in her long-time series of Disney-themed celebrity portraits. Jessica Chastain, who has starred in films like Zero Dark Thirty and The Help, poses as the fiery red-headed Meridia from Disney’s Brave.

Chastain joins a star-studded list of Hollywood colleagues that have posed as characters from classic Disney movies. Russel Brand as Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Beyonce as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Michael Phelps as a merman in The Little Mermaid are just a few of the other awesome Disney portraits in the series.

Leibovitz, who is recognized around the world for her powerful and intimate celebrity portraits, began the series after being approached by the Walt Disney Company with the idea of doing the series to promote their “Year Of A Million Dreams” promotion. That promotion is over, but Leibovitz continues to take these wonderful portraits.

These images are far from being Leibovitz’s most famous work – far from it. Her most memorable and iconic image is probably the portrait she took of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in which Lennon is lying naked next to Ono and hugging her.

Link to photos.

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