Art Deco Modiano Cigarette Posters

Founded by Saul Modiano in Trieste, Modiano made and marketed cigarette/rolling papers. In 1884 they started producing playing cards which are still in demand today, but it’s their art deco cigarette posters that spring to mind when I hear the name Modiano.
I also have a large collection of their rolling paper posters but that’s for another day—soon I hope.

Modiano was born in 1868 in Trieste, at the time the first port of the Hapsburg Empire. Initially focused on the production and marketing of cigarette papers with different brands, among which the “CLUB”, in 1884 it expanded the range of his products, starting a lithography that made school for artistic reproductions and for the production of playing cards. In a short time, the Modiano playing cards, thanks to the combination of art, technology and commercial skills, exceed the European standards established by tradition by the Austrians and the Germans. New establishments werw launched beyond the urban boundaries in Romans d’Isonzo, Fiume and Budapest, where a collaboration with the major artists of the Hungarian university was developed.

More at Modiano’s website.

Modiano Cigarette Poster by Zolton Konya 1928
Zolton Konya 1928
Modiano Cigarette Poster by Zoltán Kónya 1928
Zoltán Kónya 1928
Modiano Cigarette Poster by Unknown 1928
Unknown Artist 1928
Modiano Cigarette Poster by Andreas Farkas 1929
Andreas Farkas 1929
Modiano Cigarette Poster by Róbert Berény 1929
Róbert Berény 1929
Modiano Cigarette Poster #1 by Sándor Bortnyik #1
Sándor Bortnyik 1929 | #1
Sándor Bortnyik 1929 #2
Sándor Bortnyik 1929 | #2
Modiano Cigarette Poster by Franz Lenhart 1933
Franz Lenhart 1933
Modiano Cigarette Poster by Tibor Polya 1932
Tibor Polya 1932
Modiano Cigarette Poster by Aladar Richter 1932
Aladar Richter 1932