As Natural as the Weather in this Moody Sky Today

Or an Alien invasion?

Recently some photos of the sky and cloud formations have caught my attention, here’s a small roundup. I’ve tried not to post any fake pictures, let me know if you spot any.

Red sprites in electrical storm.
Since being caught on film in 1989, red sprites are a sought after and surreal sight. 
Photo: Paul M. Smith Red Sprite chaser
Strange Contrails over Boston.
Strange Contrails over Boston. December 2019.
Photo: u/Zeepher
Mammatus clouds over Tulsa
Mammatus clouds over Tulsa, Oklahoma. April 2020.
Photo: Kenton Miller
Tūi forms above Aoraki/Mt Cook
Tūi forms above Aoraki/Mt Cook, New Zealand. September 2020.
Photo: Susan Blick
A pilot snapped this lenticular cloud formation on an Air New Zealand flight to Dunedin, September 2020.
Photo: Geoff Beckett
Another lenticular formation over Mount Fuji. September 2020. Photo: 9999monkeys
Waterspouts over the Gulf of Mexico 2020
Waterspouts over the Gulf of Mexico, south of Port Fourchon, Louisiana. August 2020.
Photo: heirbagger