Beer Tax Rollback Lobby – CSPI Tracks Beer Money Cut Congress

CSPI Tracks Beer Money in Congress
CSPI Tracks Beer Money in Congress

Here’s a clip from the article:

The beer industry is lobbying Congress to support its “beer tax rollback” bill (H.R. 1610), which would cut the federal beer tax in half to its 1951 level – a move many public health groups strongly oppose. In the previous (109th) Congress, 208 (out of 539) members of Congress and 13 (out of 100) senators co-sponsored this legislation (then H.R. 1306 and S. 722). To the right is a list of members who are co-sponsoring the “beer tax rollback bill” in the 110th Congress (updated as they sign on), along with a tally of the contributions each has received in the 2005-2006 election cycle from the two biggest beer-industry donors, the NBWA and AB.

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