Chloe Ruchon: ‘Barbie foot’ at DMY Berlin Design Festival 09

images © designboom

From Design Boom:

‘barbiefoot’ by french design chloe ruchon combines the iconic doll with table football.
on one side it uses barbie’s pink, frilly world and on the other its uses the predominantly
male world of table soccer, the one that is traditionally called ‘babyfoot’ in france.
barbie became a symbol of ideal femininity, with exacerbated body proportions
and a vast landscape of fantasies surrounding this cliche.

by bringing the two worlds together ‘barbiefoot’ wishes to stimulate thoughts
about different mentalities and the pre- digested everyday ideas we commonly face.

the product was created in partnership with mattel brands consumer products
and babyfoot bonzini.

‘barbiefoot’ was part of the DMY youngsters exhibition at DMY berlin design festival 09.



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