Curate trades calling for magic career

Curate trades calling for magic career
Photo: Unrelated Priest in Achill 1971

A curate has done a disappearing act from a church – to become a full-time magician.
The Rev Mark Townsend turned down the chance to become vicar of a parish and has converted to conjuring.
The 40-year-old said he still had faith and wanted to use magic to touch people’s ‘spiritual side’ – but insisted he would not perform miracles.
‘There are lots of Christian magicians but they tend to be very evangelical and use magic as a way of bringing people into the church,’ he said. ‘Everybody needs a little magic in their lives and I want to push spirituality rather than religion. I’m not performing miracles.’
Mr Townsend, from Weston-under-Penyard, Hertfordshire, has been a member of the Magic Circle for ten years and has the support of wife Jodie, and children Aisha and Jamie.
He said his magic was ‘more Derren Brown than Paul Daniels’ and has performed for nuns, African Masai warrior and to congregations across Britain.

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