Denmark : Insurance for speeding motorists

Denmark : Insurance for speeding motorists
Photo: r_rahul

This seems like a no-brainer but Ananova is reporting that Danish drivers can get insurance against speeding and parking tickets, costing 10% of what the limit of tickets would cost in fines. Wonder if the premiums go up when you max out…

From Ananova:

Drivers in Denmark can insure themselves against speeding fines and parking tickets under a new scheme launched by the Danish automobile association.

Motorists can take out various cover from insurance against speeding for £90 per year that covers drivers for either four speeding tickets or a total of £900 in speeding fines.

Insurance against parking fines costs £36 and covers either four tickets or a maximum of £182 in fines.

But the Danish Council for Traffic Security has attacked the scheme saying that it will make people less afraid of collecting fines and encourage them to risk an offence.