Don Cheadle Goes Off on Condi
Photo: Genocide Intervention

Don Cheadle Goes Off on Condi

From Radar Online:

Cheadle, co-author of Not On Our Watch, about the genocide in Darfur, was recently called in to talk to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about the issue. And he wasn’t impressed.

“She wanted to tell me what the U.S. was doing,” Cheadle said. “First she said, ‘We’re doing all we can, but it’s not us, it’s the United Nations. They’re bogged down with red tape, and trying to push anything through just takes forever. The bureaucracy is almost insurmountable, and it’s the United Nations, not the U.S.‘ And then she said, ‘It’s like when we had this crisis in Lebanon, I had to send someone down specifically to push through all of our legislation and make sure that everything moved through efficiently.’ I’m thinking, I thought you had no control over the United Nations. But I didn’t say that, ’cause I wanted to leave!”
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