Livingstone Is A C***! Decries London Bus Graffiti

Double-decker bus driven around London with guerilla graffiti
Photo: Matt Arney

Vandals’ cruel handiwork went unseen at Wood Green bus depot as it was not visible at street level.

From The Sun:

A DOUBLE-decker is driven through London’s streets yesterday — carrying an obscene jibe about Mayor Ken Livingstone on its roof.

Office staff roared with laughter on reading “Livingstone is a c***!” in 3ft-high letters. Matt Arney, 26, took the snap near the Thames Embankment. He said: “Everyone dashed to the window. It was hilarious.”


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Red Ken has been blamed for axing the famous Routemaster buses. CCTV film at the depot is being studied.