English ATMs are giving it away…

English ATMs are giving it away…
Photo: ClydeHouse  | Flickr

Last week I posted about Yen and Euros falling from the sky, this week its the ATM machines.

From article:

CUSTOMERS flocked to a bank’s ATM when it started dishing out FREE cash.

Twenty pound notes were dispensed instead of tenners when a bank worker loaded the wrong cartridge.

A queue of City workers built up at the HSBC cashpoint — and over two hours it is thought to have doled out wads worth THOUSANDS.

Drama student Alex Vevers, 19, lives near the branch in Clerkenwell, central London. He said: “It was amazing how quickly a crowd gathered. People were phoning their friends to come down.

“They were asking for £200 — and their on-screen statement showed they had taken out that amount — but they were getting double. They were doing it again and again.” Local Amit Panesar, 17, added: “It went on from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. Bank staff seemed oblivious.”

HSBC said: “Due to human error, our Clerkenwell branch cash machine dispensed a small amount extra. The mistake was realised and the ATM reprogrammed.”

The bank has not decided if it will try to reclaim the overpayments. A spokesman added: “If the amounts are small individually and taken by non-HSBC customers, the likelihood is that we will not.

“But if there are large amounts and they are our own customers, we may try to reclaim the money.”

A similar bungle last week at a Lloyds TSB branch in Grays, Essex, lost thousands for the bank, which is NOT asking for the money back.

Found at The Sun Online