These People Do Not Exist

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These faces were created by a generative adversarial network or GAN. A GAN is a machine learning system where two neural networks compete against each other, while at the same time learning and producing new, better output.

The networks are called the generator and the discriminator. The generator passes the faces (in this example) it makes to the discriminator, which in turn decides which ones look real and bounces the fake ones back. It’s in this loop that the learning continues, the generator makes the faces look more real while the discriminator gets better at discerning the fakes.

Check out where I have embedded the faces from.
You can see real-time GANs for ArtCats, Horses and Molecules.
Even more interesting are the text based ones, need an original scene written for the Office??
Or fake news to rattle people’s cages??News | Friends | Office

Amazing stuff. You can run your own GAN at Google’s Colab using their computing power for free!