Fresh TV – Metaphor, hand shandy and beef curtains

Fresh TV - Metaphor, hand shandy and beef curtains

How many metaphors and sexual innuendos can you get?

From‘s advertising blog:

I’m surprised Steve Hall from Adrants hasn’t already snagged this spot for Sky Television’s Fresh TV – one of New Zealand’s adult television programs. It’s pretty funny and I dare you to try and find all of the metaphors used in the 1:10 promo. Hint: As the ending tagline reminds us, “Think Filthy.” I was only able to recognize 16, but there were a few items that I was unable to identify.

If you’re at work I can assure you that this piece is SFW, however I guess that depends on what industry you happen to be in. There’s nothing even close to nudity, but I have to warn you that you get to hear banter like:

(Man walks up to bar)
Man: Hey love, I’ll have a little hand shandy please.
(Bartender brings him an overflowing beer)
Bartender: Ooo, Sorry about the head.
Man: Nah, that’s great. Nice beef curtains.
(Camera pans behind bartender to show the cow-print curtains leading into kitchen)
Bartender: Thanks.”

This jovial look at sexual innuendos was brought to us by DDB, New Zealand and was directed by Nic Finlayson from Film Construction, Auckland. Regan Grafton & Bridget Short were the Creative Directors for DDB (where Toby Talbot resides as ECD) and was produced by Phil Liefting.

The micro-site for the “Think Filthy” campaign is currently hosting a “Be Back Soon” image, but you can view accompanying print pieces, all featuring various sexual metaphors, here: Pub, Cottage, Farm.

Thanks Brady