Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia Has Been Building Without a Permit for 136 Years, Now Has to Pay a $41 Million Fee
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From Art Net:

The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s landmark church designed by Antoni Gaudí, has been slapped a with a €36 million fine for lacking a building permit—136 years after construction began. The fine will be paid in installments to city authorities by the trustees of Gaudí’s still unfinished masterpiece.

Colau broke down how the €36 million ($41 million) will be spent. The bulk of the sum, €22 million ($25 million), will go towards improving public transportation, which is somewhat poetic given that Gaudí was killed by a tram while on his daily walk to confession in 1926. Another €7 million ($8 million) will go towards improving accessibility on the city’s metro system, €4 million ($4.5 million) for redeveloping the local streets, and €3 million ($3.5 million) for maintenance, cleaning, and security.