“Glamour Dogs” by Albert Heijn

“Glamour Dogs” by Albert Heijn 01In The Netherlands is relatively normal to leave your four-legged friend outside whilst you do your groceries. Albert Heijn, one of The Netherlands biggest supermarkets wanted to give these furry friends their moment of fame and put them in the spotlight.
That’s where we come in, as soon as the owner went inside, we approached the dogs, and pampered them with a glamorous photoshoot. Before the owner got back, we have left already with a stunning portrait, and left a message on the dogs collar. “You can pick up a surprise next week at this Albert Heijn”

When they came back the next week, there was a plus-life-size print waiting for the owner and the dog.

We filmed the entire process and made short episodes for a series called “Glamour Dogs”, with a new star each month. You can check out a short film about the project below.

“Glamour Dogs” by Albert Heijn 02“Glamour Dogs” by Albert Heijn 03“Glamour Dogs” by Albert Heijn 04“Glamour Dogs” by Albert Heijn 05“Glamour Dogs” by Albert Heijn 06

Client: Albert Heijn
Creatives: Niels de Kuiper / Marjon Hoffman / Sam de Greef / Hannah Mulder
Art Director: Niels de Kuiper
Agency Producer: Quintin Baker
Producer: Lisette Kooijman
Post Production: Rutger Luijs at Luminous CI
Assistant: Thom Schrama