Hungry sinkhole swallows family’s kitchen

Hungry sinkhole swallows family's kitchen
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Hungry sinkhole

ORLANDO, Fla. — A loud explosion heard inside an Apopka home led a family to a 30-foot sinkhole swallowing their kitchen, bathroom and other rooms inside the structure.

Rodrigo Coronado, who is renting the home with nine other family members, said the structure could be heard cracking Thursday.

Coronado spoke to Local 6 through an interpreter.

“(Coronado) said basically what happened was last night at about 7:30, the first thing he heard was an extreme explosion in the house,” interpreter R.L. Colina said. “When he went to go investigate what it was, he said he looked in the bathroom, the entire floor was gone.”

A 30-foot hole opened in the home and has taken the kitchen down 25 feet, according to the family.

Firefighters said they were not certain if the sinkhole will continue to grow and neighbors have been warned.

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