A biopic of music legend Ian Dury is heading to the big screen…

This is a classic reminder of Ian Dury and his brilliance.

The new Film is aptly titled: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

From The Guardian:

Andy Serkis is mesmerising as Ian Dury, the punk hero who defied the crippling effect of polio to pen some of pop’s most potent lyrics

A great deal has happened in the 70 years since the inspirational Warner Brothers biopics of the 1930s were challenged by Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane. Richard Attenborough is probably the last living director honourably bearing aloft a banner embroidered with Longfellow’s words: “Lives of great men all remind us/ We can make our lives sublime”. Film-makers now like to present us with portraits of deeply flawed heroes, whether they be rock stars, politicians or military leaders, to discover not just the secret of what motivated them but to reveal the worm in the rosebud. We no longer expect lives to be coherent, and we believe the real man is closer to the picture in the attic than to Dorian Gray.

The production team behind this energetic portrait of Ian Dury (Andy Serkis), the British new wave rock musician, lyricist, actor and punk music hall star who, if he didn’t coin the phrase “sex & drugs & rock & roll”, put it into the language through his 1977 hit song, clearly admire their subject. But they’re determined not to celebrate him in any conventional manner, partly because such a thing would be unfashionable and partly, one assumes, because they feel this would be a betrayal of his anarchic character and art.
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