Kiyo Murakami’s Post apocalyptic carnival retro gothic erotic fantasy burlesque cyberpunk art

Kiyo Murakami | abilletage
ALL Photographs © Kiyo Murakami

Not to be confused with that master of magical realism Haruki Murakami, Kiyo Murakami’s work could well be considered to be its photographic equivalent. Post-apocalyptic-carnival-retro-gothic-erotic-fantasy-burlesque-cyberpunk art. See for yourself.


I was born in Shizuoka, currently based in Tokyo, Japan. After I graduated from art school, I continued experimenting with various art-illustration, design, music, etc. But I found best way to express myself through the world of photography.

I find inspiration in paintings, music, and movies – old paintings and classic picture books in particular, but my most creative ideas come from my childhood memories and dreams. Some of my work are self-portraits, something I do not consider narcissistic, but rather an adventure in self-discovery that often has the benefit of being “therapeutic” as well.

I love to make collaborative work with talented people, my friends, musicians and performers-they’re helping my creativity as well.

Kiyo Murakami | dancing slowly
ALL Photographs © Kiyo Murakami
Kiyo Murakami | the greatest show in the sky
ALL Photographs © Kiyo Murakami

Kiyo Murakami | night smokeKiyo Murakami | masqueradeKiyo Murakami | symphony for the corsetKiyo Murakami | stringsKiyo Murakami | the world swings roundKiyo Murakami | the world is hiding a voice in the throatKiyo Murakami | big old houseKiyo Murakami | night scented girl #2Kiyo Murakami | try your fortune

Check out lots more of Kiyo Murakami’s work on Flickr and on his website, particularly under the collaboration section where there is a mighty volume to peruse.