Dixon’s landmark corn maze is the world’s largest

Dixon’s landmark corn maze
Photo: Randall Benton

From the SacBee:

Interstate 80’s most famous Halloween roadside attraction has retained its place in the record books.

Cool Patch Pumpkins’ epic corn maze has been certified once again as the world’s largest, according to Guinness World Records. Now at 63 acres, the corn maze created by brothers Matt and Mark Cooley broke its previous record.

“We know we’re the biggest in the world, but it still feels great to be in the Guinness record books as a new winner, even though we were competing with ourselves,” said Mark Cooley. “We are so proud and honored to be singled out, because making our maze is an enormous feat and we try hard each year to make it challenging and fun. We are excited about smashing our old record.”

The Cool Patch corn maze first drew Guinness’ attention in 2007 when it was originally certified as world’s largest at a mere 43.5 acres. The Cooleys have been adding a few acres to their maze every year, but it wasn’t until Monday that they were officially designated as a “record breaker.”