Man goes to hospital three times in three days, then to jail
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Man goes to hospital three times in three days, then to jail:

After getting struck by a car Sunday and beaten by an intruder Monday, Tony Hicks returned to a hospital a third straight day when police investigating a convenience store robbery in Athens shot him.
A McMinn County judge today set a $100,000 bond for Hicks. He is charged with aggravated robbery and attempted first degree murder.
Police say Hicks was shot after making “aggressive movements” toward officers who were looking to question him as part of an investigation of a Tuesday night convenience store robbery.
Hicks was treated at a Knoxville hospital and has been released. He is back in jail.
Police reports show that before dawn Sunday, Hicks was struck outside his apartment by a car driven by a woman who had been revving the engine. Police say Hicks went on his own to a hospital.
On Monday night, Hicks’ apartment was broken into by a knife-wielding burglar. He was robbed after being struck in the face with a coffee mug. Hicks was taken to a hospital for treatment.
An Athens investigator says the unrelated sequence of hospitalizations–Sunday, Monday and Tuesday–is not the first time police have dealt with Hicks.

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