Man sues boss for flashing her boobs


From NY Post:

August 6, 2007 — A man says he was unjustly fired after spurning the advances of his boss – who bared her breasts to him repeatedly, tried to touch his genitals and offered to help him quit smoking by substituting “real” kisses for cigarettes, according to a blockbuster lawsuit.

“She’d leave [her blouse] unbuttoned lower than the cleavage area,” said José Carrion, 46, who has a common-law wife and two kids. “Basically, keeping herself on display.”

Carrion says that his former supervisor, Rose Medina, kept propositioning him while he worked as a chief technician for Bronx River Nephro-Care, a kidney dialysis unit, from November 2006 through May.

“Although [Carrion] told Ms. Medina that her actions made him feel extremely uncomfortable, Ms. Medina refused to stop,” says Carrion’s lawsuit, filed at Bronx Supreme Court.

After Carrion filed a sexual-harassment complaint in April, he says Medina “became more aggressive in exposing her breasts” by lowering her neckline.

He says she tried to touch his private parts in January. Carrion recalls Medina put him in a bear hug, put her hands on his chest, placed the side of her face on his back, and proceeded to slide her hands toward his genitals.

Carrion says he grabbed Medina’s hands and exclaimed, “What are you doing?” to which the supervisor replied: “It’s just that you are so big,” the papers say.

Opening her arms to pull away, Carrion says he told Medina he wasn’t interested in anything but a professional relationship – to which she said, “Don’t be silly.”

And in February, Carrion says Medina told him she’d give him a “real” kiss every time he did not smoke a cigarette.

“Let’s use [my kisses] as incentive,” she told him, according to court papers.

Medina, who is not named as a defendant, referred questions to lawyer Cheryl Davis, who could not be reached for comment.

Carrion is seeking an unspecified amount of damages from Nephro-Care, for sex discrimination, which he says caused him to suffer humiliation, embarrassment, lost wages and benefits, as well as other injuries. A request for comment from Nephro-Care went unanswered.

In May, Carrion says he gave 30 days’ notice of his resignation but was fired the following day by the medical director, who told him, “Company policy is that you get terminated for making sexual-harassment complaints,” according to court papers.