Irish Mr. Potato Head in Australia ecstasy bust
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Mr. Potato Head in Australia ecstasy bust

FromABS News (AU) article:

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and their Irish counterparts are trying to pinpoint the source of attempts to smuggle drugs inside an Action Man figure and a smiling Mr Potato Head toy.

Australian Customs officers say they found 293 grams of ecstasy tablets inside the Mr Potato Head, contained in a package that arrived at the Sydney International Mail Centre from Ireland, in late July.

Irish Mr. Potato Head in Australia ecstasy bust
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They say they found the MDMA tablets, destined for a home in western Sydney, in a small taped bag inside the toy after an X-ray examination spotted suspicious substances.

AFP Commander David Stewart says officers later intercepted another package destined for the same home, containing an Action Man figure with 50 grams of cocaine inside.

No arrests have been made but Commander Stewart says the supply chain to the home has been stopped.

“We’ve been quite confident that we’ve disrupted this operation as far as this syndicate is concerned,” he said.

“It does not look to be widespread.”

Customs and the AFP say they avoided releasing information of the haul until now to avoid disrupting the police investigation.

The maximum penalty for importing drugs into Australia is life imprisonment.

Article found on ABS News (AU).