Pieke Bergmans Light Blubs

Pieke Bergmans Light Bulbs Pieke Bergmans Light Bulbs Pieke Bergmans Light Bulbs I love these light blubs by Pieke Bergmans.

Pieke Bergmans Light Bulbs

Pieke Bergmans Light Bulbs

Pieke Bergmans Light Bulbs From apartment therapy:

Pieke Bergmans‘ series of one-of-a-kind crystal LED lamps for Royal Leerdam Crystal and Solid Lighting are what the designer calls “light bulbs.” And what exactly is a light bulb?

“The answer is simple,” says the young Dutch designer. “It is a light bulb that has gone way out of line. Infected by the dreaded Design Virus, these Bulbs have taken on all kinds of forms and sizes you wouldn’t expect from such well behaving and reliable little products.”

Bergmans calls her one-of-a-kind light sculptures “unlimited edition,” in that that each unique piece is made using an industrial process she developed that can be repeated until the end of time.

From her website:

Bergmans first ‘infected’ bulbs appeared in Milan in 2008, which means melted bulbs came dripping down from the ceiling… But the infection did not cure. It’s on the rampage with no cure in sight. Even the bulbs in the safe haven of their lamps are not spared. Their DNA has mutated, more grotesque, more mutilated than ever before. Like with an infection, the older the product the more susceptible it is: Old and tired lamps surrendering their bulbs to gravity. A desk lamp giving up on life, its last gasp forming the bulb. Office cupboards, made superfluous by digital databases, prop up Light Blubs with care and love. A lamp ejects her Light Blub in desperation.

These symptoms are unique, their phenomena unpredictable.

The Light Blubs accepting their fate and the pull of gravity.

Also this infection caught a massive Chandelier which was especially created for Design Miami Basel. This has been the most impressive infection up to date.