Pink Floyd’s flying pig at Coachella 2008 endorses Obama

Roger Waters
From CTV News:

INDIO, Calif. – Roger Waters brought Coachella to a close with an epic two-set performance that included playing all of “Dark Side of the Moon” and unleashing a giant inflated pig into the night sky.

The 64-year-old Waters, the third headliner of the three-day music festival following Prince and Jack Johnson, performed an elaborate, almost retrospective concert Sunday featuring music from throughout Pink Floyd’s catalog.

Old photographs of the band often flashed across the screen behind Waters and his current band, which played songs from “The Wall,” “Wish You Were Here” and “Animals,” among other Floyd albums. They also played “Dark Side” in its entirety, culminating with the album’s iconic triangle prism rising above the stage.
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Pink Floyd's flying pig at Coachella 2008 endorses Obama

The underside of the pig simply read “Obama” with a checked ballot box alongside.

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