Black baby jaguar born in Peru

Black baby jaguar born in Peru
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Black baby jaguar born in Peru.

From Cats Working Blog:

Working the black cat beat for Cats Working, I’ve been keeping tabs on an adorable black jaguar kitten at the Huachipa Zoo in Lima, Peru. He was born in March, only the third one in captivity there.

But the zoo hasn’t provided any more details on their newest celebrity since mid-May. For example, nobody seems to know who the cat’s parents are, nor I could find that anyone has bothered to name him. The zoo hasn’t even added him to their Facebook Page.

He sure is photogenic, with the same rosette markings as other jaguars, only more subtle. I’m watching the story and will let you know if I hear any developments.

4/22/09 UPDATE: This jaguar is a year old now. The last time I checked, he still wasn’t on the zoo’s Web site. I’ve written to the zoo twice, in English and in Spanish, asking them to tell me his name, but have had no response. So I guess they want him to remain anonymous.