Puppies and Flowers : Great Dane dog tired after giving birth to amazing litter of 15 puppies


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It looks like a scene from 101 Dalmations but without the spots.

Macey, the Great Dane, went through a gruelling 20 hour birth to produce the amazing litter of 15 puppies.

The two-year-old pedigree blue shocked her owners who had been told by vets to expect just four.

The seven boys and eight girls were born three weeks ago in Manchester and have been bottle fed ever since – exhausting their owners.

Owner Daniel said: "We have got our hands full, that's for sure.

"We decided to let Macey have a litter because we wanted to have one of her pups. She has a lovely temperament."\

Mum Macey is doing well after her ordeal.

The owners plan to keep one of the puppies and are now looking for homes for the other 14 who are yet to be named.


Great Dane puppies
Looking for a home: The owners plan to keep just one of the adorable puppies