Organic frozen yogurt for dogs

Organic frozen yogurt for dogs

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yöghund has been developed in response to a growing demand by discerning animal lovers, for a healthy treat alternative for their pets. Over the course of twenty years in the pet care business, the folks at The Barking Dog, Ltd. have stayed keenly aware of the evolving place of pets in our lives. As beloved members of our families, our dogs trust and depend on us to make wise choices for their care and health.

UPDATE: It looks like they have rebranded.

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YöPup is the first frozen yogurt treat made for dogs. YöPup is made in the USA and manufactured by a small New England company with over 80 combined years of professional experience working with dogs – that’s 560 in dog years! YöPup products are of the highest quality in the market. Your dog is entitled to have a happy and healthy life – like ours have every day!

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