The smallest dog in the world?

The smallest dog in the world?

From The Courier Mail:

BEING the smallest dog in the world is gnaw joke for Brandy the chihuahua as she tries to tackle a meaty bone bigger than her six-inch long body.

Brandy — who is just a fraction taller than a cola can — was named the world’s smallest hound by the Guinness Book of Records and has finished growing.

Four-year-old Brandy weighs only 2lbs and cannot even bark as her lungs are too small. Owner Paulette Keller, of Largo, Florida, said: “When I saw her I just fell in love with her.”

Paulette, 53, whose pint-sized pooch has become a hit on US TV, added: “With a dog like this you have to be careful. She can’t even jump on or off anything because her legs are so tiny.”