Romanian witches go online

Romanian witches go online
Photo:  dazed.and.confused

Romanian witches go online

Romanian witches are going online in a bid to win more customers now the country is in the EU.

Witchcraft is a recognised profession in Romania where white witches offer spells, potions and readings of the future.

But witches say the EU has offered a much wider market, and they need to move with the times and embrace modern technology to reach even more people.

One of the country’s most famous witches, Witch Rodica, has set up her own web and blog site – – offering everything from a dream interpretation book to tarot card reading.

Rodica calls herself the “incontestable and undisputed leader of the Romanian witches” and claims she can cure impotence, epilepsy and alcoholism.

She said: “I still do spells and potions the traditional way, but the blog keeps me closer to potential clients and can be used to convince the sceptical that witchcraft is real.”

The witches are also offering a new range of spells such as love potions for gay men and lucky charms guaranteed to win EU grant money.

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