Meat Purses and more by ROMMYDEBOMMY

ROMMYDEBOMMY – Food themed purses

ROMMYDEBOMMY is a 29-year-old artist living in Harlingen, Netherlands. She creates wacky food themed fashion accessories. Her Raw Meat and the Supermarket Chicken purses first caught my eye and reminded me of that salami meat dress from years ago.

RommyDeBommy Supermarket Chicken Purse
©RommyDeBommy Supermarket Chicken Purse
©RommyDeBommy Oyster Purse
©RommyDeBommy Oyster Purse
RommyDeBommy Orange Purse
©RommyDeBommy Orange Purse

There are four main categories you can choose from or just browse the entire collection (242 pieces as of this writing). “All my designs are made from different kinds of clay-foams—hard and soft” she says on her website. Now added to my need to research list: clay-foams.

RommyDeBommy Swiss Cheese Purse
©RommyDeBommy Swiss Cheese Purse
RommyDeBommy baguette purse
©RommyDeBommy Baguette Purse
RommyDeBommy 4 Food themed purses
©RommyDeBommy Selection of Purses
RommyDeBommy Raw Meat Purse
©RommyDeBommy Raw Meat Purse