Shelter in Place Kittens

Joni's Kittens 08Recently a former colleague of mine started posting these ridiculously cute kittens on her instagram page. I must be getting old or something because lately I find myself oohing and aahing over the photos. In addition to her foster kittens she has many more pictures of dogs and puppies. Check it out.

Joni's Kittens 05
Those look like panther paws.
Joni's Kittens 04
Calico rainbow.

Joni's Kittens 03Joni's Kittens 02Joni's Kittens 01

Joni's Kittens OG

Joni's Kittens 07
This little one may be my favorite, he’s like the ‘dark-side’ of cuteness.

Link to Joni’s kittens on Instagram.