Sickos (2017) – Title Sequence

In 26 short seconds of bright colours and lumpy drawings Creative Director Anzie Lee and the team at Mill+ introduce viewers to Sickos, a web series created by and starring Laura McKenzie, Laura Grey, and Mary Winn Heider. Set in a world of medical school training and simulations, the series focuses on an all-sorts mix of actors and artists who make a living pretending to be ill. The opening sequence is a surreal traipse through ailments and attitude, one great dollop melding into the next and punctuated by sniffs, knocks, and kisses.

The title when it arrives is the pièce de résistance: flesh and faces, crutches and IVs, mandibles and machinery, all delightfully bent into the forms of letters. The peppy colours, irregular animation style, and oddball humour culminate in an opening that takes the piss out of title design and stands out on its own.

Link to the folks at Mill+