Australian anti-speeding ‘Slow Down’ ad campaign

Your speed decides the outcome. Slow down.


In 2015, 146 people died in crashes involving speeding, either travelling above the speed limit or too fast for the conditions. Thousands were injured, and will carry their injuries for life.

When the unexpected happens on the road – the speed that you’re travelling at matters. ‘Just a bit over’ can be the difference between being able to stop in time or not at all. If the worst happens and there is a crash, any extra speed means extra impact force – and the human body can only tolerate so much before death or serious injury is all but inevitable.

We know that many drivers feel that it’s sometimes ok to speed because they’re an experienced driver, and they feel in control. But this ignores that there are factors outside our control when driving.

The ‘Slow Down’ campaign encourages drivers to reduce their speed because it’s difficult to know what is up ahead.

We all need to be compliant and responsible when on the road, but all road users can make mistakes. A mistake should never cost someone their life or their long term well-being.

Link to NSW Gov-Transport for NSW with lots of other spots posted.