Stainless Steel Scissor Spiders

Stainless Steel Scissors Spiders
Photo: The Heartless Machine

Christopher Lockes’ Scissors:

In the past year, the Transportation Security Administration has confiscated over 8 million items, including guns, knives, narcotics, cuticle scissors, mousse, pudding, and bottled water.  I have obtained some of the TSA-confiscated scissors, and they inspired me.

The TSA officially allows scissors with blades less than four inches.  But the individual officers have the authority to disallow anything they think poses a potential threat.  These scissors all belong in that grey area between what should  be allowed on the plane, and what wasn’t  allowed.

I’ve cut the scissors up, bent them, and welded them back together into spiders.

On his blog he documents the process of creating the spiders, with visual aids.