Takae’s Ceramics

Takae's Ceramics

Memory Of Falmouth – Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

This simple and beautiful salt and pepper shaker is created in Cornwall where my inspiration came from. I hope this tiny boat brings your home a breeze of salty air…

Takae's Ceramics Takae's Ceramics

My Egg & Soldiers

Good soldiers need royal horses and a tasty egg needs to be in a humble castle. I just provided something where they should be and I think they look much happier and more comfortable in them.

Takae's Ceramics

Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate

Sweet home snail cake plate invites you to discover so many different snail species around you One day it can be brioche snail, another day it  becomes cupcake snails or a healthier choice of apple snails… your choice is endless.

Takae's Ceramics

Sloth Tea Helper

Where do you put your tea spoon and tea bag after you make a cup of tea? This lovely creature assists your daily routine of making cup of tea – he can take care of your tea spoon and tea bag while you relax and take a break.

From Takae’s online shop:

Takae Mizutani and Sons was established in London in 2007 by Takae with the help of her two cats Mooks & Guinness. Our aim is to create products that bring a little smile to people’s faces.

Our creations often remind you of nostalgic childhood memories and childlike naivety… inspiration comes from simple questions such as “why can soldiers not have their own stand?”

We love simple ideas which give you endless imagination… and spread the smile!