The art of Luis E Camejo

The art of Luis Enrique Camejo

The art of Luis Enrique Camejo

The art of Luis Enrique Camejo

Installation at Havana Biennnial

The art of Luis Enrique CamejoFrom the Havana Club:

Nocturnal and bohemian, for Luis Enrique Camejo, the city is also the place where contemporary life is unleashed.

This artist does not draw inspiration from his own intimacy or internal space. Rather, he is interested in the fleeting, immediate relationship of man with his environment. Although Camejo’s cities presents images of reminiscent of parts of Havana, they are always cosmopolitan, pluralistic places. Rather than collective history, the artist is fascinated by capturing the movement and dynamic of the city, the instantaneous. Time and again in his paintings and watercolours, the urban landscape serves to emphasize speed as a social premise. Cars, bicycles, buses, passers-by, anonymous people seem to be always on the move on the endless road of a violently agitated reality. Light itself is a protagonist in Camejo’s work. It is the element that makes up his landscapes’ strange atmosphere which, in many pieces, seems to have a strong relationship with the Afro-American industry. His drawings delineate the anatomy of communal spaces though sometimes an area is left free to dominate the image. Camejo uses – and over-uses –light tracery, curves and almost blemishes in a carefully planned way so as to blur the clarity of the images. His cities are always frenzied. They don’t invite us to peace and quiet but to take part in the nomadic life of the great urban jungle.

Born in 1971, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Lots more work available can be found on Artnet.