The Big Yin in Big Banana Feet The Documentary

Part 01 — Bacon, egg and chips for £1.85?

Big Banana Feet

As a huge fan it’s with a lot of love and admiration that I am posting this. Years ago I found this documentary online and instinctively kept a copy of it.

In 1975 Ireland, amid the backdrop of Charles Haughey‘s re-appearance and the Miami Showband killings, Billy Connelly flew to Northern Ireland and then on to Dublin to perform two shows. This Brent Walker documentary was filmed over the course of the 48 hour trip.

Fresh off his first Parkinson BBC appearance he surprisingly (to himself) became an overnight sensation. Part of the charm of this documentary is Connelly’s humility and naturalness while being filmed continuously. But more so, it captures him at a stage in his career when he was still finding his true voice. He was at that time more famous for his comic songs and musical talents than just his stand-up comedy.

Part 02 — “Is that a Banjo?”

Part 03 — “I’ve got piles, you’ve got scabies”

Part 04 — “Are you a comedian or an entertainer?”

Part 05 — How to crack a beer, Glaswegian style.

Part 06 — “Phuq”

Part 07 — “A four letter word”

Part 08 — “A nice cup of tea”

Curiously his nickname in Scotland is “The Big Yin” and he wears a Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt in the film.