The General Carbuncle

The General Carbuncle 04

General Carbuncle 2003-2006
Ford Capri, 4,342 toy cars, glue, resin
153 (h) x 426 (w) x 127 (d) cm

The General Carbuncle 02

The General Carbuncle 01

The General Carbuncle 03

The General Carbuncle 05

James R Ford is a multi-media artist currently based in London, England. For this project, initiated in 2003, he aims to transform a second-hand Ford Capri into the General Lee, from Dukes of Hazzard, by covering it in little toy cars in the appropriate colours (mainly red and orange). Ford is going to need around three to four thousand and so, in addition to searching out and purchasing appropriate toy cars himself, an appeal has been started for people all over the world to send him their disused toy cars. The donator can leave a little message in the toy car, or mark it in some way, so they actually become part of the art whilst contributing to the sculpture and thus creating a global art collaboration.

Link to James R Ford’s website and online portfolio.