The packaging of Migros – Swiss Food Chain

Packaging Migros 01Designed by Schneiter Meier Külling

Unique packaging for Swiss based food retailer Migros. The very simplistic design is offset nicely by the use of unique die cutting.

Packaging Migros 02Packaging Migros 03

Established in Zurich as a cooperative during 1925, Migros has grown to become Switzerland’s largest retailer, supermarket and employer. Following the introduction of their M-Budget and Sélection own-brand lines, Migros has expanded into the bio market with an extensive 1000+ range of organic products produced from sustainable agricultural practices. The range’s packaging and visual identity, developed by graphic designer and art director Pascal Frey and Schneiter Meier, delivers an everyday accessibility to what has, in the recent past, been seen as an expensive lifestyle purchase through the merging of natural, high quality illustrations and images with simple layouts and plenty of space.

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