This time Amy says “Yeah, yeah, yeah” to rehab

This time Amy says "Yeah, yeah, yeah" to rehab
Photo: Will Alexander/WENN

British singer Amy Winehouse is reportedly addicted to heroin, according to her mother-in-law Georgette Civil.

Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil have checked into a rehab clinic in the U.S., according to British newspaper reports, after the singer collapsed following three days of hard partying last week.

And now Fielder-Civil’s mother tells the Daily Mirror newspaper, “You can’t blame Amy, you can’t blame Blake. They’re just as bad as each other. It’s the hardest thing in the world for me to say in public that my son and his wife have a drug problem…

“I know my son has had a drug problem ever since he was 20 and moved down to London. I needed to know about Amy’s problems and we had a chat — just the two of us. She told me she was addicted to heroin and cocaine.”

Civil claims Winehouse’s father Mitch blamed Blake for his daughter’s problems and argued with Fielder-Civil’s stepfather Giles over the weekend.

Civil continues, “Mitch blamed Amy’s husband and blew his top when Giles tried to defend him … Later Giles phoned him then he apologized unreservedly. Ironically, Mitch losing his temper at Giles has helped Amy and Blake.

“Both families are just very pleased and proud for them to recognize they have a problem and that they are making steps to cure it.”

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