Three Good Online Typography Games

Kern Type Space the Letters evenlyYou’ve probably heard of keming before—the result of improper kerning. Well, you can test your own kerning skills using Type Method‘s online game. Using the arrow keys or mouse you have to move the letters to create a visually balanced and legible word. Your solution is compared  to a professional typographers’ one and you score points based on how close yours matches up.

Kern Type Game Controls
Pretty decent kerning controls.
Kern Type Space the Letters evenly
My result was a bit off here as indicated by the cyan ghost. Still a good score!

The game is beautifully designed from whatever angle you look at it from. The simplicity of its appearance belies the amount of work that must have gone into it under the hood. I think I first saw this about ten years ago so I’m happy that it’s still here and looking fresh!

The rather difficult Font Game
Here’s another oldie but goody, The Rather Difficult Font Game.  A name that font game. Another seemingly simply designed game, my guess is it took a lot of work to achieve this appearance of simplicity! And this game is a challenge.

And last but not least we have is it a Cheese or Font? It’s not as elegantly presented as the first two games (think html 1.0 look and feel) but it has substance… and cheeses. Would you say Kacst is cheese or a font? well there you go, you’re already on your way!